Indy’s Superbowl Village

Welcome to Indianapolis, NFL fans

If anyone in the area has not been to the Superbowl Village (i.e. Georgia Street) you are missing out on a truly unique experience.  This will be a watershed event, both for Indianapolis festival planning, as well as for the future of sporting events in the US.  We have set the bar pretty high on this one.

Indy Cars at a cross-promotion for the Superbowl

Here are some photos I wanted to share with everyone.  It’s only been up for a few days, so I can’t wait to see how it develops as we approach the weekend of the big game.  See you all downtown!

Superbowl Village is centered around the pedestrianized Georgia Street


JW Marriott has their spirit on


A favorite activity is ziplining above the crowds


Laces out!


Indy's finest are on foot this week (keep up the good work guys!)


At night the village comes to life with music


The main stage


Bret Michaels rocked it on opening night
Former Colts player Hunter Smith taking the Pepsi Stage


The Village People were a big draw


People are loving this place

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  • Reminds me a bit of when the Circle used to be closed for more big concerts. Maybe Georgia Street will indeed usher in a new era of great outdoor events for those of us who live here, as well as for conferences and events being held in town.

  • Fantastic photos Graeme. You’ve captured the feeling of really being there. People shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

  • Nice pictures! Some of those first pictures must have been taken real early in the week because the daytime crowds are much larger now. (And you can tell it was early because the “XLVI” wasn’t yet completed on the JWMarriott). Its pretty packed everywhere in the core of downtown now. Thanks for preserving these excellent images — and hopefully we’ll get to see a “part II” in a few days as the party continues.

  • Awesome photo essay. Thanks. I probably won’t make it down myself because I don’t like crowds, but love the spirit of the city right now. I even like the Marriott. I think they should continue to put images on the building for different themes. I thought huge flowers growing up the side of Marriott against the sky blue glass would be gorgeous.

    I do wish we would bring back Circle Fest! That was such a great event with stages set up on all four arteries for bands and the Circle itself was set up with all kinds of beer, wine, and food vendors. That was always such a blast.

  • I walked from Mass Ave to the “Village”, and I think this was the first time since I’ve moved here almost 15 years ago that Indy felt like a big city. Bunch of people walking, busy streets, busy bars and restaurants, music, bands playing, etc. And the only thing missing, more apparent than ever, was a better public transit.

  • Don’t forget Indy’s “real” Village! (for 175 years)

  • Please PLEASE write a blog entry about how this City and region are just screaming for more programmed spaces! Superbowl? Success. White River State Park? Success. Well managed & programmed consistent events will bring and keep more people downtown – and not just for this mega-event. I hope that we build off of this and have some formal programming for the Circle, Georgia Street, etc!

  • I thought it was a nice touch to add the sycamore trees that you see in the pictures. Puts just a bit more into the visitor’s Hoosier experience. Well actually they’re the sycamore/plane tree hybrid that were grown in a plant nursery rather than the real sycamores by the ol’ swimmin’ hole but it’s the thought that counts. Does anyone know if they will stay there or will they yank them out? This isn’t really a good place for a big permanent tree. The leaves would have blocked the view of the stage if it was summer. I noticed when I was there that the tree roots were still in the big cardboard tube that they shipped it in & they just stuck that into the ground.

  • Why don’t we have the two festivals on the Circle anymore? When I first moved here, I remember one in early June and I can’t recall when the other one was. They were great.

  • The Midsummer Festival was the one in June, I believe. They had 4 band stands, one on each spoke of the circle. It baffled me why they stopped it. I think it ended its run around 90 or 91.

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