Broad Ripple Parking Garage Public Artwork

Charlotte I-485 Park & Ride (image credit: Curt Ailes)
Charlotte I-485 Park & Ride (image credit: Curt Ailes)

The project team for the newly announced Broad Ripple mixed use parking structure is seeking input from the public regarding how the structure should appear and how artwork and aesthetics should be incorporated into the final design. Per their request,

“On June 13, Mayor Greg Ballard announced plans for a mixed-use parking development in Broad Ripple Village. The parking development – located on the lot at the southwest corner of the intersection of Broad Ripple Avenue, College Avenue and Westfield Boulevard – will include approximately 350 parking spaces, spaces for free bicycle parking, retail space and an IMPD substation.
The project team – which includes Keystone Construction, Newpoint Parking, Ratio Architects and Walker Parking Consultants – is seeking public feedback about art and aesthetics. The team also is working with the Indianapolis Art Center on ways to incorporate public art into the design.
If you are interested in providing input for the parking development, please email your comments to or mail them to Keystone Corporation, Attention Broad Ripple Parking Development, at 47 S. Pennsylvania Street, Suite 1000, Indianapolis, IN 46204, by July 12.
Residents who want to learn more about the development may attend the Broad Ripple Village Association quarterly public meeting on Tuesday, July 19, at 7 p.m. at the Indianapolis Art Center.”

Clackamas Town Center, Portland - Note bioswale and bus stop (image credit: Curt Ailes)
Clackamas Town Center, Portland - Note bioswale and bus stop (image credit: Curt Ailes)

If you had a say, what would you suggest? I have included a couple of pictures of my own travels and what other city’s parking structures look like that have been enhanced by artwork or creative building practices to enhance the overall appearance.

Bus Stop at Ivy Tech Parking Garage in Indy (image credit: Curt Ailes)
Bus Stop at Ivy Tech Parking Garage in Indy (image credit: Curt Ailes)

Is there a creative way of introducing a transit stop for this garage? A meaningful addition that you think would enhance the outward reflection of the structure or a piece of artwork that could improve the quality of life for the neighborhood? The consulting team is listening, so let them know what you think would look good or be useful!

Public Art at Park & Ride in Charlotte, NC (image credit: Curt Ailes)
Public Art at Park & Ride in Charlotte, NC (image credit: Curt Ailes)

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  • Might as well throw a couple of vertical wind turbines (“eggbeaters”) and a solar array on the roof and try to keep the building off the grid. Maybe put some bike lockers on the ground level. (Is there such a thing as a “LEED Platinum” parking garage? Seems like an oxymoron.)

  • Oxymoron or not, there is a LEED certified parking garage in St. Monica (and it looks pretty cool).

    I wonder if they will have a rooftop parking. If not, it would be interesting to see green roof or rooftop farm. It would likely cost/lose money, but it would kind of fit well with the current Village image.

  • It seems fitting that with the eclectic scene of Broad Ripple, the parking garage becaome a piece of art itself. Why erect concrete walls and hang a picture whent he wall itself could be art. Go crazy with this one and make it a center piece. Wouldn’t it be cool if people from across the nations said “oh yeah, I know Broad Ripple. It’s that funky little village with that cool garage.” I know I am just throwing out an idea that may never come to fruition, but it seems like a cool opportunity.

  • Art ? Thsi is nothing more than just another way for Ballards buddies to make a lot of fast cash. They say that property is worth 5 Million? Please …15 Million to build, the reality is that this is NOT The locaiton that was reccomended by the consulting company.They said it shoudl be behind the Vogue.However, The Mayors does not think that they were right. After spending $250K to the consultants, the Mayor did exactly what his conrtsuction friends wantedhimt odo.

    This may be the biggest rip off in our cities history.Green or not, this is nothig but a scam

    • Potter, you seem to misunderstand the purpose of this article. If you want to discuss the politics behind the parking meter lease or behind the garage bidding process, there are plenty of sites for you to do it on–such as Advance Indiana, Had Enough Indy,, etc.

      This article is not concerned with whether the financing of the particular garage proposal in Broad Ripple makes sense or whether or not the developer who won the bid had political connections. A garage will be built in Broad Ripple, whether under the current proposal or under another one. Once the financing and proposal details are agreed upon, whether it is this proposal or another or another, there will remain the issue of constructing an attractive and functional garage, rather creating a big blight on the landscape of Broad Ripple. This article is concerned with the form, function, and environmental impact of the garage. The author and other posters have given examples that the city may follow when constructing the garage to ensure it is attractive, functional, and has a lower environmental impact.

  • Curt,

    You have some great images on your site. I am wondering if I could get permission from you to use them in a document I am working on. I can let you know the specific images I am interested in using. Could you please contact me and let me know if that would be possible?

    Thank you.

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