Boogie Burger moving

Boogie Burger current location (image source: me)
Boogie Burger current location (image source: me)

The gourmet sandwich joint which has been located in the heart of the Broad Ripple village for 4 years is moving. Normally, I would not take the time to report on such an event. Retail businesses in general are a volatile endeavour and subject to abrupt change based on business patterns. However, in the case of Boogie Burger’s impending move, this strikes at the heart of why Urban Indy writes about the things that we do. Boogie Burger will be moving from it’s current location at 927 E Westfield Blvd to 1904 Broad Ripple Ave. They will be moving into the location formerly occupied by the Red Eye Cafe and prior to that regional pizza joint Pizza King. The current location is within a dense, vibrant, neighborhood literally footsteps from the Monon Trail while the new location lies upon a busy 4 lane throughfare. Why would a business choose to make such a move?

According to owner Mark Radford, “We needed more space.” I spoke to Mark recently regarding their move. After hearing the justifications that he offered, the move began to make more sense. Indeed, this is a move born of logistics. The current location is so small that they cannot store the amount of supplies that they need to serve the amount of people that come through the door. There is no walk in cooler and often times, trips out to purchase more supplies are needed during business hours. People through the door is another factor.The current location  can only seat 14 people. The new location will be able to accommodate over 40 people. Moreover, parking is a concern. As I suspected, people have made mention of how difficult it can be to park in the village and walk to Boogie Burger’s current location.

Radford talked about how they will miss the current location. He also commented that the move will be inconvenient to residents who currently live within walking distance of the current location. However, they hope to be able to draw upon the large, walkable, residential neighborhood just across Broad Ripple Ave from the new location. They also hope to retain as many current customers since the new location is not located across town. Additionally, they plan on building a patio (there is currently a zoning variance motion in the works) as well as offer a bike rack. Radford who own’s Boogie Burger with his wife recognize the perception of the new place versus the current location. Regarding the new location he said, “We hope that we can generate more pedestrian activity in that strip.” He also commented about the business nature of the village, “Business can be solid on the weekends and then the village turns into a ghost town for the first three days of the week.” They hope by having a dense neighborhood located across the street that this can spur some lunchtime foot traffic.

Boogie Burger new location (image source: me)
Boogie Burger new location (image source: me)

I did an analysis of the two locations by comparing their walkscore. Walkscore is a website that scores how walkable a neighborhood is based upon factors like sidewalks, street grid, access to services, etc. Surprisingly, the current location (83) scored only one point higher than the new location (82).  I was surprised about this. Additionally, both locations are served by the same bus routes, the 17.

Will Boogie Burger survive as a perveyor of delicious burgers and french fries after moving? Will their clientele still seek them out via automobile vs foot? Can Boogie Burger improve upon the efforts of the past two tenants of the new location? According to Radford, “It really comes down to how you work it.” He feels confident that the new business will pay dividends and that the great tasting food that brings people to the current location will bring them to the new location.

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  • Best veggie burger and fires in town. The new location will also provide space for a…drum roll please…BATHROOM! I’m not quite sure how they were allowed to operate without one.

    I’ll miss it being in the heart of village when I eat there on the weekends. But honestly, as a daytime worker in the Glendale area, this will make it much easier for me to stop in for lunch during the week.

  • Walk score is about the same for the new location because (like Broad Ripple) there’s a grocery, drugstore, bakery, pet store, ice cream shop, liquor store, fitness club, banks, auto service, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapy plus Target, Macy’s, the library, and several restaurants in the vicinity. Not to mention every brand of pizza imaginable. I’m actually surprised the walk score isn’t higher for being adjacent to Glendale.

  • For your sake, I hope not too many people agree with you. If all of their customers drive a car, those parking spaces will fill up pretty quickly.
    If we are lucky, they will make bicycle parking a key feature, because you can fit a lot more of those in the same area.

    • If I understand things correctly, many of their past customers walked or biked to this restaurant. Their business was successful, even without a parking lot. In fact, research has often shown an inverse correlation between parking and successful retail districts. Also, bicyclists and pedestrians spend more money on average than people who drive, so why not encourage them to spend it at your business by providing a walkable destination with bike facilities?

      • Graeme’s logic is infallible. Boogie Burger has been undeniably successful in the village despite a reported lack of parking due to no lot and insufficient turnover on the street. The only other logical conclusion is that people are either walking or biking to get there, or parking over 4 blocks away and walking. Furthermore, with the advent of the new parking meter rates, trends from other cities show us that as parking rates increase, people tend to leave their car parked in a spot for shorter amounts of time thereby increasing the amount of turnover. Should Boogie Burger have chosen to stay where they were, it could be said that they would have effectively increased their parking capacity.
        Moreoever, your logic about nobody biking or walking in America fails. Is there really no desire to bike or walk in America? Or is it that the sidewalks are either in bad shape or non existent, and the presence of 4 or 6 lane urban streets stifling people’s decision to ride or bike in that environment giving over to them driving simply so that they don’t get mowed down by the next person driving down said street at 45mph while texting or eating a cheeseburger?
        Im only presenting the facts as they stand.

    • Rufus, you’re welcome to your opinion. However, I have ridden my bike to Boogie Burger several times before. So, at least one person can attest that your opinion is invalid.

  • I love Boogie Burger – but I sense this will be the end of the line for them. Obviously, the food is great – but my perception is that the LOCATION, particulary in favorable weather, has been key to their success. The current customers, like me, may be willing to drive out to Glendale for a burger, but I can’t imagine they will get nearly the ‘walk-in’, (or more likely drive-in traffic) they enjoy now in the heart of the Village. I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see.

  • I live a walking distance from the current location, and I probably ate their once a month. I would always walk there. They will lose me as a customer, since there are enough of other options nearby. And they might gain some new customers. They kind of shared that patio with the “Monkey” bar, maybe they could have rented out one of their fridges for storage 🙂

    I do think Boogie Burger was special because of that location, and now they are turning into a fast-food drive-thru place without a drive-thru. I am not so sure they will benefit from this in the long run.

    But on the other hand, I am pretty sure the old location will get a new tenant pretty quickly.

  • I believe this will ultimately be good for Boogie Burger. They have already done the hard part of establishing a customer base and a reputation for good food, even if they loose some customers disgruntled by the move or from the bargoers. With the level of development in the heart of Broad Ripple I think connecting this eastern part of Broad Ripple from a pedestrian standpoint is critical to the continued growth of the larger area. This potentially includes improving sidewalks along Broad Ripple Ave that connects the two ends as well as potentially a circulator running from the heart of Broad Ripple out to the Glendale area. I think that Boogie Burger being in this new location emphasizes this.

  • Successful past and present restaurants in this vicinity (Tin Star, Khoury’s, and MCL) have all been destinations and Boogie Burger will be the same. The neighborhood foot traffic will help too.

  • Sure they’ll lose some customers, but I’m optimistic the new location will garner them new customers, and allow them to serve more customers throughout the year. I imagine their numbers were down a decent deal through the winter months because it cut out such a large portion of their seating on the Monkey Tail’s patio. And, as noted, Glendale traffic will boost lunch time customers throughout the week.

    With all luck, hopefully the bike lanes will finally get striped along B. Ripple Ave. to Keystone, which would also be a boon to business, especially if they really make bike parking a priority.

  • Agree to disagree I suppose Rufus. I enjoy getting out and riding my bike and sweating to the point of it coming through my shirt. I enjoy running. I also enjoy air coditioning but realize that there are other options the help. While I may be increasing my chances of heart attack by going in for a greasy cheeseburger, at least I am mitigating that by walking and biking into the village.
    As far as parking in the village, for shame. Even if you wouldn’t pay the marginially increased meter rates, you could park either north or south of the village and walk. Ive done that a few times when there were no spots available. In fact I have parked outside the village more often and walked in for Boogie Burger, 3 Dog Bakery and other visits.
    Agree to disagree. Difference of opinions and lifestyle. Some of us have a different vision of what Indianapolis could become versus what it is now, which suggests that we are all lazy.

  • I’ve now been running this website for over 4 years. A high majority people who have read and replied have given positive feedback. The desire for walkable urban neighborhoods is greater than you are imagining.

  • Just adding in my travel mode to Boogie Burger: Bike, that makes several of us just on this one forum………

  • I’ve known about this move for a hot minute and upon hearing the news I was immediately disappointed. The only times I have visited their restaurant has been on a bike or walking.

    I’m not saying BB is losing a customer, but my visits will definitely decrease due to the move. The addition of bike lanes on BR ave could help, but I’d likely take 61st over to Crittenden and then head North.

    I would explore every option possible before even considering moving out of the heart of the BR Village. Can’t wait to sit out on the porch watching cars scream by on the avenue!

    How long has any business lasted in this location? Also, the walkability score for this area seems to be fairly deceiving. Many streets lacking sidewalks and honestly how many residents will really cross BR Ave? I can already see people driving to this location while still living a few blocks away.

    • Broad Ripple Avenue has sidewalks that lead right to the new Boogie location.
      Honestly, how much traffic runs up and down your average residential street? Say Indianola or 61st? Is it really that hard for walkers, runners, bicyclists and cars to share the 25 or 30 feet of pavement on a lightly-traveled street?

  • If Indy culture had a ‘5 block away from’ parking destination mentality then there would be few parking problems in this large town…think about it. But convenience of the vehicle will never allow that mentality—especially if it rains, snows, or— unfortunately shines at times. It’s all psychological: There are not enough walkable destination points to keep the trip ‘short enough’.

  • I hope the move goes well for them. I can see some customers not liking the idea of the place not being within walking distance to them, but hopefully they draw newer customers in this new location. I’ve been hitting up Boogie Burger for the past couple years pretty faithfully at the minimum of once a month, and I live a good 30 minutes away. It’s a ritual that I get a Boogie Burger before each Insanity Pro Wrestling show, so my Burger goodness goes hand and hand with wrestling goodness.

    I support the move and support Mark in his logic in deciding to move. BOOGIE ON, BOOGIE BURGER!!!!

  • I cant WAIT for the new location to open! My family used to frequent the location when it was “Tin Star” and for us, it’s the perfect spot for BB to move! I love the current location in bripple but I also know that after eating there the last thing I’m in the mood for is walking back to my car or biking back home via the Monon. My parents are in love with BB but refuse to go to the current location b/c they are unable to walk or bike and therefore have to drive…but parking is a nightmare and the new meters, in my observation, are allowing people to stay longer b/c they accept credit cards. I think the new location will provide a new set of regular customers for BB. If those of you who live in bripple will choose not to go there just because you have to drive or b/c you feel its an unconvient location, then obviously you weren’t really loyal customers anyway. I guess you can just walk over to McDonalds for your burgers now…but i dont advise asking if they have any fresh cut garlic and parsley…

    See you all on opening day!

    • I contend that parking in Broad Ripple is somewhat difficult. It’s unfortunate that citizens seem to equate that with a veritable nightmare, but that is a symptom of allowing free and easy parking nearly everywhere else in the city. And yet, people still want to be in Broad Ripple despite a slight difficulty in parking, as it’s more fun and interesting than your average strip mall or outlot.

  • I am among those glad that Boogie Burger is moving. I live in the village and love my Boogie but frankly it was only when I was in the village that I ate there-never once was it the destination. Now with the new digs (I wonder if there are still jail cells) I am sure I will leave home via whatever mode of transport and my destination will be Boogie Burger.
    Thanks for moving mark and crew-BEST OF LUCK.

  • and now, boogie burger will become a destination, really? I mean it’s a burger place that was cool because it had this yuppie/hipster feel due to its location/space. Now it is a burger place close to McDs. But then again, I might be wrong…there is a lot of things I don’t understand…e.g. appeal of the suburbs or why people eat hot pockets or when Ballard goes on the radio (today) and basically says that we outsourced parking meters because and I quote “government is not good about taking bags off of meters” (implying that the efficiencies will be gained because the new owner will do a better job with bags after the event are finished!) Wow! I haven’t heard (and I will be very polite here) something as educational in a long time….but I’m off topic here…

    • Yes JP-now that Boogie Burger has moved it will become a destination. I have never once set out w/a plan to comsume Boogie Burger goodness. Largely while traveling to and from in the village I would drop in as an after thought. Purpose is good and leaving home w/a purpose to eat at Boogie Burger will now make it a destination.

      Being a country guy there are times I can’t understand why people want to be in the ciy. Paradox’s abound.

  • crownhillidgger – I was half-joking with my comment, and I hope BB does well and becomes a destination for some peopel…it’s kind of an irrelevant topic that generated a lot of comments, so I guess we love our food!

    • I chuckled while writing my response thinking of the Tin Star/Boogie Burger location as “destination”.

  • saying a prayer for them. That location is a blackhole for restaurants like the BW3 locations is for clubs.

    I feel this will be bad move but hope I’m wrong. Say goodbye to late night revenue after bars close!

  • Boogie Burger will do great there because it has a loyal following and they specialize in burgers, fries and milkshakes. Very little competition with their concept…especially in B.R. area. This spot needs a business that does a lot of carryout biz with an outdoor patio….like B.B. does and will have, i hope.

  • At the most recent Broad Ripple Village Assn Land Use & Development Committee meeting Mr. Radford told attendees that the additional space was necessary for them to provide better customer service (as noted by other commenters, restrooms, parking & logistics were an issue at the Westfield location.) He also hinted that they may want to try franchising the operation so they needed add’l space to flesh out the proof of concept to make it replicatable. Mr. Radford also said that they closed BB @ 10 p.m. as he and his wife wish to spend time w/ their kids rather than feeding bar patrons – so late-night crowd was never their customer base. For our part, the BRVA asked Mr. Radford to indicate bike parking on his site plan which will be submitted to the City as part of the variance request for the outside porch/deck. We also asked him to maintain trees that will be planted in the ROW at some future date. He agreed to both requests. Note: BRVA has been successful in convincing the City to put bike lanes on BRAVE from Keystone to the Monon and it will happen yet this year. Naturally, this in and of itself won’t make crossing BRAVE any easier but one can hope. It is my understanding that the space has already been leased to another food purveyor tenant but I’ve not heard any details. I frequently refer to the Village as a “small business incubator” – not in any formal sense of the term (which is a designation for a specific area to receive tax incentives for start-ups) rather in the sense that the Village’s unique characteristics makes it attractive to entrepreneurs to try out new ideas (like PopCorn!, or turning a NAPA auto parts store into a brewpub or a garage into a bakery, etc. etc.) Bazbeaux started in the old gravedigger’s shack next to Firehouse 32 and has done very well by expanding. Remains to be seen if Boogie Burger can match that success but it’s clear that Broad Ripple continues to provide a suitable habitat for unique small businesses to see if their concept works.

  • Ivan and everyone else talking about how they will lose their “late night revenue”. You don’t know what you are talking about. Boogie Burger was never opened past 10pm, even on weekends.

  • I’m a major fan of this move!! While parking was a pain (as a driver), it was something I knew and expected when going to their old location.

    As a northeast-sider (which I know many local BR folks have disdain for), this move will actually increase my visits from a few times a year to 2-3 times per month, especially during fall and winter months later this year (when previously I typically went most in the spring and summer).

    All my family and friends in my social group (late 20’s/early 30’s, and many with new and growing families) all love Boogie Burger, and as disdained residents of Fishers and surrounding enclaves, the former location was a barrier for many of us for sure, when a Five Guys has a whole grocery store parking lot!

    So overall, as long as the quality and burger taste remains the same and as epic and great as it was before, and the inside is also appealing (as opposed to being nonchalant like the DQ across from Birdy’s, and please don’t go that route!), I think it will be a big win in the end!! (despite the loss of some BR locals)

    I have friends from the east coast coming in this summer who I took there last year and can’t wait to come back and have it again (and like it better than Five Guys too), and it definitely has a bit of an out-of-state cult following as a place to hit when visiting Indy from out of town like you would Larosa’s in Cincinnati or In-N-Out when on the west coast.

    Definitely fantastic news and I’ll be looking out for when the new spot is open!!

  • So, when is the opening date for the new Boogie Burger? The old location is now closed, and I’m needing a garlic fries fix!!!

  • Thanks to all of you who support our move I think we will do awesome and we dont have an exact date available yet should be mid may and we are just as original as before just bigger thanks boogie fans see ya when we open

  • I used to live just north of the new location (great hidden apartment complex there, BTW) and have seen so many decent restaurants open and close in that space that I have no faith in any restaurant ever being able to succeed there. I think it’s simply a bad location due to the hassle of getting in and out from 62nd street, whether on foot or in a car. Hopefully they can attract pedestrians and the recent sidewalk additions in the area will help.
    As for my experience with Boogie, they are great burgers but I only got them when I was in the area already, usually at the Monkey’s Tale, and never traveled to the area for their food. My impression was that they benefited from the location more so than having a great burger.
    I hope it works out for them, but I have my doubts simply because that location appears to be cursed.

  • I love how little people are willing to walk for a good meal in this fair city. I work at a little Cajun/Creole restaurant just south of Broadripple and I hear customers complain, all the time, about how little parking we have, as we have none of our own to speak of. Still, unless Butler is in the Sweet 16 there are always at least 10-20 spots on College Ave. within a block of our location or at the Fresh Market across the street. Still people tell me that they pass us up on a regular basis… As for me, I’ll gladly walk a mile and back for a Maui-Wowie (isn’t that what its called? the one with the the ham and pineapple?) Those things are pretty amazing! Oh, and see if you can bring back the old convicts from the Tin Star days! Remember those guys? I used to be frightened of them. Best of luck at the new location! I’ll think you’ll do fine there where other places have failed…

  • The place is rockin’! Last night @ 6:30 I had to park on the street as the lot was full. Looks like the move was a good decision.

  • I decided to swing by there with a friend a week or so ago and was very impressed with the new digs. Very spacious. Well, it was 4 in the afternoon so we were the only people there most of the time, so it might be crowded during lunch.

    Anyway, kudos to the BB crew. Hopefully you’ll have luck where other businesses have not.

  • I had never been to BB before but met some friends there a couple of days ago. I was very impressed with the food and with how affordable it is. I have been reading the comments posted from April and May and based on what I saw when I was there, most of the postings could not have been more wrong. There was a LONG line when we got there and there was still a LONG line when we left! I am glad they proved the naysayers wrong. I am a new BB fan!

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