Downtown Kahn’s Rendering

The things you find when you are on a coffee break. I happened to have my camera on me yesterday, when I saw this rendering of the downtown Kahn’s, which is in a building currently undergoing renovation in the former home of John’s Fine Wines:

The stretch of historic low-rise buildings along this stretch of Pennsylvania Street have long been undervalued, and I’m glad to see Kahn’s bringing this classic 4 story Art Deco back to life.

(Gratuitous plug: the coffee at nearby Henry’s is among the best in town. Go there if you want some real caffeine.)

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  • Glad to see Kahns is moving here and that building is beautiful! In fact most of the buildings in that block are pretty unique and deserving of notice.

    Henry’s is great coffee too! (Much liked by ISO musicians too…)

  • Its nice to see these older downtown buildings being rehab’d lately.

    Good catch Kevin

  • Is the Art Deco facade currently covered or exposed? Love to see this style brought back to life!

  • Cool find Kevin! Kahn’s should give a nice bump to that stretch of Penn. I believe that their recent mail flyer said that the sign is still just a proposal and is intended to mimic the sign at their original, tiny location at 54th and Keystone. They haven’t initiated approval with the city yet.

  • That kind of projecting sign is much-favored in Regional Center locations by the DMD planners. But there is a size restriction.

  • So glad you saw this. How many of us walk or drive by and don’t notice.
    Kahn’s will be a good addition to this block. They are a solid merchant with a “big picture” view of business and space.

  • Henry’s on East is my go to coffee shop. Pleasant baristas, free WiFi, great coffee, loyal clientele.

    I hope Kahn’s annual Diamond in the Rough wine tasting takes place at the downtown location this year.

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