Riverside Pumping Station

Dating from the year 1900, the Riverside Pumping Station is a relic from a time when civic pride extended to facilities that we now take for granted. It’s a little-known jewel, located on Waterway Boulevard just northwest of IUPUI’s campus. It is still in use today by the Indianapolis Water Company. A decade ago, I worked across the street and marveled at it from afar, but it’s even more impressive up close. This was actually the first time I’ve seen it from this distance.

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  • Oh wow, I’ve never seen that building before. I really hope that we can get back to the days of civic pride as opposed to the current attitude not wanting to pay for anything.

  • Looks like a lot of extra space in there. I wonder if it could be used for events or something. I know it sounds far-fetched…but the pumping station at the Chicago water tower, still functioning, has a visitor center and theater in it (albeit in a much more prime location).

  • I love that building. Ride by it frequently on the trail heading up to the Velodrome. Have you seen the Fort Wayne water plant?


    • Yes, I’ve been past that plant many times, my grandma lived on the northeast side of downtown, so you get a pretty decent view of it from the Columbia Street bridge.

  • I’ve always enjoyed this building whenever riding the bike along that strech of the White River. Never seen the Chicago one turned theater, but I always envision such a building as a huge public beer hall or something. That would return us back to times of civic pride! Love the windows especially.

  • Guys! I was a summer temp for the Indianapolis Water Co. in the early 70’s! I was stationed out of this facility! Ate lunch MANY times on the roof on one of the real-corner balls overlooking the south side of the station! You should have SEEN some of the inner piping! she is a proud – old girl!

    Rex Frew

  • Could this be used for a event for 150 guest

  • I was 18 years, old,fresh out of high school,and the youngest person to be hired as a Oiler Operator in this grand old facility back in the early 70s. I worked with some very great people,working all shifts. My father spent around 18 years working there also as a Oiler Operator.Paul Lemaster, walter Mehan, and Ed Spencer were the department heads. Earle Shepard, Herb Robbins,Paul Terry,Fred Dufeck, & Jimmy Price were just a few of the great folks that I worked with! There were some pretty good stories that could be shared to any interested parties!Some of these stories would be pretty hard to believe, but were all true and I experienced quite a few during my years there!

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