Sacred Heart Neighborhood

Sacred Heart Neighborhood on the near South Side has seen a renewed interest, due in large part to the promotions of a concert venue at the Vollrath Tavern.  Can a bar revitalize a neighborhood?  I’m not sure, but attracting people from around the city to a little-known street with a boatload of potential is a win in my book. The street in question is Palmer Street:

The neighborhood is a photographer’s dream, ranging from gritty graffiti:

to the sublime spires of Sacred Heart Church:

To a great panorama view of downtown:

to the fantastic entrance of the Vollrath itself:

Here’s the full gallery of pictures that I took on my visit last week.  Sorry that some of these are repeats, I’m still getting used to the image gallery quirks in wordpress.  Enjoy!

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  • My family has quite a bit of history in this area as do I have plenty of personal memories. This neighborhood is home to the best selection of graffiti in Indianapolis and it is beginning to see new life. The new license branch with its colossal parking lot didn’t do the neighborhood any favors though.

  • It was just recently announced that some new residential is being proposed for the northern part of the parking lot of the new BMV offices, mentioned above. Hopefully it will be designed in a more urban way than the BMV building and help that facility fit into the neighborhood more effectively. Thanks for the pictures Kevin. I love the look of the Vollrath. Was in there once – unfortunately it wasn’t too crowded that time. I was probably there a little too early.

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