Breaking: Clarian Neuroscience Center Renderings

Designs for the Clarian Neuroscience Center of Excellence have just been made public.  Here are two to whet your appetite, both focusing on the 16th St. facade near the corner of Missouri St., and I promise to have a more comprehensive post with a full set of renderings in the next day or two.

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  • It’s amazing what you can find in those DMD staff reports!

  • This is better than i expected. maybe even a really likable design. Perhaps there’s more hope for architectural integrity in indy then we all thought. I love the trippy sculpture in front of the curved facade.

  • This rendering displays the type of ‘perception changing’ architecture Indianapolis needs to attract businesses while boosting downtown’s livability. I hope this design shown above gets built as is. If so,16th Street becomes transformed instantly. Let me know who designed this.

  • 1. It’s not immediately clear who designed this. Landmark Healthcare Facilities in Milwaukee is listed on the siteplan.
    2. Yes, this building has big time wow factor, particularly given that this will butt up right against the I65. However, look at street level. Blank wall.
    3. Yes, I WILL be getting those other renderings and siteplans up at some point.

  • In thumbnail version that eastern (?) facade looks interesting. But in full view it’s the only tiny bit of interesting that the building offers. I think it’s disappointingly average otherwise.

  • I kinda like that “blank wall”, or at least the undulating lines carved into it. I assume it’s intentional, but it reminds me of an EEG printout. Pretty cool. 🙂

  • I think the blank wall is somewhat fitting given the building’s context on 16th street. I think the above 4 floors has enough transparency to offer a good feeling, even for a pedestrian walking along the street. We could romanticize about all of this needed commercial space at the base but it’s a medical building on 16th Street AND right off of 65. I think the scale is perfect for the setting. Once we get down beyond Ilinois Street (heading east) should we start thinking more mixed-use development that addresses the street with a more pedestrain oriented scale. The building is a nice blend of simple utilitarian with just enough contemporary touches: perfect compliment to Indy’s BLAND, AND OVERLY INSTITUTIONAL architecture. Also nice NOT to see the infamous red/brown brick facade of choice!!!

  • I don’t know that you need an entire commercial strip on the 16th Street sidewalk — after all, this particular location is not and probably never will be a 24 hour pedestrian-oriented neighborhood that could support that much commercial space.

    However, I do think you should offer something more than a blank wall to people who do walk by. It could be as simple as outdoor sitting/eating areas or health information cases. When I’ve talked to people about this building I’ve used the example of a coffee shop. It’s almost a certainty that a coffee shop will be located within this building, so why not situate its commercial space so that it can have both an internal entrance that makes the hospital happy and a sidewalk entrance (and signage) that will be beneficial to pedestrians and the business? If there’s to be a full-service eatery of any sort (again, there almost certainly will be), do the same thing. Bang-o, you’ve created a little bit of interest for pedestrians.

    Kudos to Clarian on the facade design, but while I don’t think it makes sense to require a whole row of ground floor commercial spaces, this design is too insular.

  • Would agree about the added exposure with a coffee shop. But my point is that building will not offer much more–commercially–to anybody outside that building (it’s going to be a medical office island). I just hope this spurs future development along 16th street someday. It would be nice to see the development between this building and Caravelle Commons within the next 10 years. I really wish somebody other than Kroger was slated for redeveloping their existing site with an urban approach. But back to the architecture. I think there is something refreshing about brutalist architecture in this city like the Federal ?? building on Pennslyvania St. across from the War Memorial. There is something much more romantic about that than some of the traditional facades that are smaller scale YET so out of place? I don’t know. I’m getting off the subject and complaining about Indy architecture again…so easy to do.

    • Micah, I’m not sure I understand how 16th St. (from Delaware to Kroger) could magically become a thriving commercial strip. The Old Northside folks are pretty adamant about “their side” of 16th remaining residential and institutional, so the streetscape will continue to be one of back fences on the south side of the street. The New Caravelle will be a huge residential chunk of the north side of 16th. I think the best we can hope for there is filling in the empty urban storefronts at Penn Arts and the old Herron Foundry, and a new use in place of the dead car wash at Central, and a much-better pedestrian experience for those who wish to walk to the shops in their neighborhood.
      The place for a commercial core (apart from the northeast and northwest corners at Central) is from Penn to Capitol…and much of it’s already there. It’s a very active pedestrian way already. Adding more people and jobs in the to-be-built Clarian buildings at Missouri and Capitol will only increase the number of people out on the sidewalk.

  • ^^^ Not to mention 16th & meridian has been selected as the staging grounds for another street corner war between Walgreens and cvs. When those two move onto your block there always seems to be a proclivity to accept more chains since the damage has already been done. I think their far better off developing this neighborhood to go an institutional/medical route rather than a commercial one. I doubt these chains even care to research any demographics. if a walgreens is built. well then a cvs can be erected just across the street since there the same damn store, and if those two can be built then so can a taco bell, a mcdonalds, etc. Better to just give the space to a reputable establishment before the sleaze moves in.

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