Urban Land Institute – Moving Forward in Indiana: The Facts on Mass transit and the Impact on Real Estate Development

Urban Land Institute
Urban Land Institute

I have been communicating with Rebecca Wagner of Urban Land Institute Indiana, and she recently informed me that there will be a conference next week regarding the impact of Mass Transit on Real Estate Development. If you are “in the know” about mass transit, this is a known by-product of transit expansion. ULI has brought in national transportation expert Bob Dunphy to speak, along with CIRTA director Ehren Bingaman.

I have attached a link to the webpage if you wish to read more about it, and the costs associated with attending. If you want to know more about the economic development benefits of mass transit investment in the private sector, it sounds like this conference will do the job at informing you!

The event will be held at the Kite Realty Group Trust, 30 S Meridian St Auditorium – 8th Floor, Indianapolis, IN.

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  • Wow, thanks for the heads-up. Looks fascinating, and I’m planning to go.

  • Today is the last chance to register in advance online, however you can register at the door tomorrow. Visit http://indiana.uli.org for event pricing and details.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed attending. It’s so refreshing to get into a room where dozens of people are all nodding together and saying “Yes, sprawl is bad.”

    The focus of the conference was on how transportation planning needs effective and complementary land use planning, otherwise you’ll end up with underutilized transit systems that end up getting shelved. Also discussed were some regulatory changes so that local officials can help support mixed-use development (especially in the suburbs)

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