IndyGO Purchasing 11 hybrid buses

IndyGO Hybrid Bus Rendering
IndyGO Hybrid Bus Rendering

In what could be considered some of the most positive Indianapolis related transportation news, today IndyGO released some news that they will be purchasing 22 new buses; and 11 of them will be of the hybrid variety.

“In January, IndyGo plans to welcome 22 new 40-foot, low-floor buses into its fleet. Of those 22 buses, 11 will incorporate the latest electric hybrid technology, resulting in fuel savings, reduced emissions and smoother, quieter rides.”

“Each IndyGo hybrid bus combines a diesel-fueled combustion engine, made by Columbus, Ind.-based Cummins, with a battery-powered electric motor, allowing it to deliver better fuel economy as well as generate 99.84 percent fewer emissions than a conventional bus. A Hoosier-built Allison transmission sends the power from the engine to the drive wheels.”

Kudos to IndyGO for putting it’s tight budget expeditures in the right place!

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  • Sweet!

    The newest buses in the IndyGo fleet also seem to be the least reliable. Let’s hope these new buses end that trend.

  • Amen!

    It’s also really nice to see Hoosier ingenuity put to good use like this. Parabens, IndyGo!

    Now if only we can scare up some more funding so we can expand bus coverage…

  • Thanks IndyGo! Encouraging news and a positive step in the right direction! Let’s hope the momentum continues and support grows for the cornerstone of our city’s transit system.

  • from what I see of bus usage on the east side, these buses are at least twice as big as they need to be. Lots and lots of empty seats – often empty buses running. As much as I want our city to improve its transportation options, I think the first step is to more efficiently use the resources already in place. I shouldn’t be watching empty buses pass me on the far east side, often right behind each other, day after day. Its a poor use of existing resources and needs addressed.

    Kudos to IndyGo however on the hybrid purchase using IN technology!

    • Richard, if you are watching these buses on the far east side, then it makes sense that the buses would be mostly empty, because that’s the end of the line. Over the last few years I’ve ridden the #10 (10th Street), the #3 (Michigan/New York) and the #8 (Washington) between Irvington and downtown. The #10 often is standing room only at rush hour. The #3 and #8 are less packed but still have more than half of the seats filled. None of those lines could get by at rush hour with much smaller buses, and I doubt it makes sense to have peak and-off peak fleets. Indygo does use smaller buses on some other routes (I think the #55, English Avenue, is one), so it’s not as if they are averse to using smaller buses if they are appropriate.

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