IMA Art and Nature Park

I may be about the last blogger to report on the new IMA Art and Nature Park. IBJ has a good run-down of the national coverage the park has received.

I visited this park by riding my bike down the Canal Towpath, which is an underrated asset of this city. Perhaps it will become better known with this new prominent public space.
I started my tour off at the Visitor’s center, which is located a bit off the main area due to its requirement to be able to stay dry in the event of a 100-year flood. It hasn’t received much press, but it’s an attractive modern structure:
The Center was locked up, but I was still able to get a good glimpse of the space:
After a walk down a very narrow, woodsy path, I arrived at the lake, where one can view 2 of the park’s installations: Give and Take, and Eden II:
Give and Take (aka Indianapolis Island) is inhabited by 2 Herron Students. You can send them a message and they’ll display it on their blog.
100 Acres is dotted by these benches:
My personal favorite installation is the somber Park of the Laments. The visitor walks through the narrow corridor and arrives in an enclosed courtyard:

There are other intriguing installations, and I encourage you to find out for yourself. In particular, Eden II and Team Building (Align) have subtle impacts that are difficult to display in photographs.
Finally, as a life-long basketball fan, I had to end with a crowd-pleaser, Free Basket:

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