Alleys serve an essential function in residential neighborhoods. They house the less attractive, but essential, necessities: garages, utility poles, trash cans and more. If it weren’t for alleys, these would all be fronting the street. This alley a block from my house has to be one of the nicest in the area. Nicely paved and well kept by residents, it isn’t a bad place at all to take a stroll for a change of pace.

Most of the garages are meant for one car:

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  • They can also provide a canvas for cool urban photography.

  • I grew up in a place that had no alleys, so my first experiences with them came from Indy. Alleys can be a really great feature because they keep all that clutter and utility space away from the front of the house, which means no power/utility lines and everyone can have tree-lined sidewalks instead. Alleys make the best neighborhoods possible, even if you never see them directly.

  • Too bad there isnt an alley that they can stuff all the Keystone Ave utility poles/lines into 😉

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