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If you’ve clicked my profile, you’ve seen that I’m a GIS Technician. I have a Geography degree, which is why I find space and place so important. Today I found this fascinating article on the New York Times about the use of GIS in finding little unused public spaces, which, when added up, make up a sizable amount of the city’s footprint. I believe it’s an important topic for our city to consider, as I can bet that Indianapolis has more than its fair share of mini-wastelands.

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  • Irish Hill, Many parts of the Monon south of 38th Street, The former Mozel Sanders Projects site, are just a few wastelands within the inner city of Indianapolis.

  • Cool article! Any plans to go about creating something similar for Indianapolis?

    We could take it one step further by incorporating an interactive web element so others can view the data and collaborate on the project from all over the city.

  • Thanks for the comment. It would be a pretty large undertaking. I doubt if we will do this, but I can hope.

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