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I have to admit, this is much larger than I had anticipated. Here is a list of pertinent sites to get you refreshed on this project.

  • The project’s main site that was unveiled today, Indy Connect. Make sure to check out the map and watch the video.
  • A few links from the Star’s coverage: here and here.

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  • The amount of coverage is kinda shocking, but I'm glad. The winter traffic snarls have illustrated the need for alternative means of transportation. Public transportation isn't just for people w/o cars.

  • Yup, I keep thinking about that when I read the comments in the articles. "but I won't use it"…well, other people will, which will get them off the road, which will ease congestion for your commute.

  • I like the funding, I like the massive improvement of IndyGo. I like that the trains come last, though I think I would do the Washington St. line from Downtown to airport before the Fishers line.

  • I agree with the comment about adding a line to the airport. Having an all-day, inexpensive, quick connection between downtown and the airport should be priority #1.

    If a large US City doesn't have this basic connection, then the city is perceived as regressive or unworthy of additional economic investment. It should also be obvious that express bus service doesn't matter in this respect. For the airport, you need a dedicated people mover.

  • Id be excited to get the light rail east and west. If you want people interested, this is definitely the "sexiest" part of the plan. The rest is meat and potatos and still good. People like new and flashy if they are going to start getting charged for it.

    The next year should be interesting!

  • Graeme is exactly right. Given the extra miles required to get to the new airport, a light rail connection to it would be a real boost.

    As someone whose living involves attending conventions throughout the U.S., it is embarrassing that cities like St. Louis and Minneapolis so easily outclass us with airport to downtown mass transit.

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