Navel Gazing update: Urban Indy has a facebook fanpage

I created a facebook fan page for this website. I’m hoping it can be a space where sharing of information is easier. Many people out there know more about projects and initiatives than I do, so I’m hoping it can be a communal effort. If something juicy is posted on the fan page, I can blog about it here. We’ll see if this works…

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  • Looks good! I'm practicing my Adobe Illustrator skills and if you ever want a new blog header with some Indy images, I'd be happy to help. Right now, I'm pretty good at simple things, just looking to get some experience. I really like all of the corners you've captured in the past years and think a collage of them would be awesome. Let me know if you want a sample design. I tried to find a way to send this through Fbook, but couldn't find anything. laurenknoop (at) gmail (dot) com.

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