Idea for the downtown Farmer’s Market

Last Saturday, I finally visited the Bloomington Farmer’s Market. I had always wondered from afar what had separated it from ours. The main thing I noticed right away were the large, permanent structures which the vendors could take cover in on a rainy day. Indianapolis has the vendors supply their own flimsy tents, and for whatever reason, this year has been especially rainy on Wednesdays. The patio on the west end of the market is a bit under-utilized, and I think permanent covers could be constructed there, to finally give people the impression that the city is making a commitment to supplying fresh, local foods.

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  • Couldn't agree with you more. I think they could even tear down one of the modern wings to create a huge row(s) of permanent structures.

    In Bloomington on non-market days, they use the structures as carports for their parking lot.

  • Oh that Bloomington market is lovely!

  • Also, I would like to see a full-fledged Saturday morning market in addition to the Wednesday event. I think it would help the market as a destination if it became a place where people could come on the weekend, rather than catering mostly to the people who work within a five block radius.

    I'm sure there are other Saturday a.m. markets out there, and I am wary of spreading things too thin, but if that's not much of an issue I think it would be a positive step.

  • Gasp. You mean…make the City Market into a real City Market?

    I agree with Jason and John: tear down the east wing and build market stalls, right across the street from the Cultural Trail.

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