Beech Grove

Here’s a few pics from my trip to Beech Grove a few weeks ago:  

The Amtrak Train Shed, dating from 1909:
How many songs have this particular title?

City Hall:
Beech Grove has done quite a bit of work to make Main Street and Emerson Avenue more attractive and walkable.  I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to cross Emerson a few years ago; now there’s a prominent crosswalk, and the street has been narrowed.

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  • A few years ago before work was done, Emerson Avenue between Churchman and Raymond Street was more or less treated like a bypass highway around Beech Grove. Crossing it was not easy or particularly safe during peak traffic times. Walk ability between the north end of town to Raymond Street is for the most part unchanged.

  • I am still trying to get to this video, Kevin. I am hung up on the beer trip from two weekends ago. I will get it posted in next week or so.

  • Just found your blog, very cool. Would like to see some more pics of the train shed, but then again I am a sucker for transportation pics. I don;t make it to the groove too much, cool to see what is going on.

  • MH, you’re right, and that part of Emerson is in Indianapolis. Says it all that Beech Grove takes better care of its streetscape than Indy does.

    Mike: That’s cool!

    WIBIA: Thanks for visiting. You may even get some video of the train shed in the near future. We weren’t able to get very close, there are security personnel guarding the entrance.

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