West Side Churches

The West Side contains a few churches that harken back to old Europe.  The first is the Bulgarian Orthodox Church:

Next, a new feature featuring a video production of the the Romanian Orthodox Church.  Thanks to my friend Mike for putting all of this together:

More Pics:

Finally, the Catholic Church and Gymnasium on West St Clair Street (Formerly the Slovenian Roman Catholic Church).

There was also a Serbian Orthodox Church on the near West Side, but they have moved away from their 16th Street location.

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  • Holy Trinity Catholic Church is not “formerly” the Slovenian Roman Catholic Church. It still is. A majority of the parishoners are descendants from the original families that built it.

    Thanks for posting the pics.

  • Thanks, I wasn’t sure about that since the Slovenian name was not on the front sign.

  • I’m actually working on the new building going up alongside the Slovenian church, inspecting construction progress tomorrow morning. But the church is a beautiful old building, and it is definitely treasured by the residents.

    I have been very impressed by the focus of the church on helping the neighborhood and the local community. It’s a good one.

  • Neat, we were wondering what they were building there.

  • Love the pics of the inside

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