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Haven’t had a link thread in a while. Here’s a quick round-up:

  • Unsung Indy has launched, shedding light on 5 lesser-known Indianapolis Neighborhoods. I like the potential for this site.
  • This interview with Christopher Leinberger is a few months old, but I just noticed it yesterday. I have now posted a link to the Infrastructurist.
  • Yet another new purveyor of food (Nia’s Deli) will open next week on East Washington Street. I’m doubly excited that this will be a lunch spot, as most of the new places cater to the dinner crowd. I selfishly crave more lunch places.
  • This is outside the box for this blog, but a friend has posted a fun story about a bar that we visited last Saturday. Before I link it, I must warn that even though the link itself is safe (with some possibly offensive language), the original site that this story is on is pretty close to Not Safe for Work. Here it is, if you dare to enter, the Iron Workers Corner Bar.

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  • The slide show of Leigh Acres, Fl was more shocking than I expected. Take a look at the arial shots on Google Earth. The road:house ratio is really high – completely unsustainable infrastructure. Looks miserable.

    I like the UNSUNG INDY website.

  • Holy cow! Ya, if there’s such an industry as asphalt farming, they’d make a killing out there. Talk about insane. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • I agree on Lehigh Acres…wow.

    So the wisdom of Indianapolis’ 40-foot wide standard urban lots becomes more apparent over time…fewer streets to serve long skinny lots vs. the wide and shallow suburban variety.

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