Yesterday I was in the UNWA neighborhood (United North West). Here are my photos:

Southwest Corner of Harding and Roach:

Beautiful brickwork on the North West corner:
I had planned on only featuring this corner for now. However, I happend to find this stunner on the way back. This old fire station at Udell and Rader Streets deserves to be documented:

Another surprise, a block east on Udell. A nicely-restored two story. I’m not sure what is in this building, but the front door mentions that it’s a safe haven:
Across the street, my heart aches for this classic house:
And surprise! Two blocks south on Annette and 27th features this corner building.
As well as this humble church:

There is still much more in this neighborhood that I didn’t capture, mostly to the north of 29th Street. I hope to find more in the future.

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  • I want to restore and live in that firehouse! Amazing!

  • I used to go through this area quite often on the way to Marian College…Love the firehouse!

  • Great stuff.

  • Burdsal Parkway east-west (about 24th St.) in that neighborhood is also cool. Minor correction (picky point): UNWA stands for United North West Area.

  • Thanks for the correction. I like being picky.

    Anyways, I drove down Burdsal to get to this location. The pavement was in pretty terrible condition. It could be a great boulevard, though.

  • The restored two story building is the family life center of First Baptist Church located next door to it. They restored it. Its deceptive to look at, because its bigger inside than the exterior would suggest at first glance. There is a gymnasium inside and a tunnel connects it to the church building next door I believe.

    This neighborhood is struggling to make a comeback. They had a plan for using their TIF funds ($3.8 million) discussed tonight. You can see some of the plan photos and maps at the Storrow Kinsella website.

  • I notice the picture of what you called the little humbled church which I found insulting being that you deliberately deleted the state of the art multi-million dollar sanctuary which was erected several years ago that services the church members and the community through it different outreach programs. I would greatly appreciate your attendance at our 8 a.m. or 10:45 worship service so that you can witness first hand the effects this humble church has on its members and community. Bishop Larry Grinstead,Pastor

  • That's some pretty awesome stuff.

    I grew up near 21st and E Riverside, and I always liked the area. I dunno what it is that I like about it, though… but I do like it.

    Sometime ago, I went with a camera and took some photos near that area. It's mostly scenery, but it would be cool if you took a look at them:


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