Spades Park Library

This is the second of two unrelated posts on the Near East Side (here’s number one).

Spades Park is one of only two remaining Carnegie Libraries in the city that is still in use as a Library. The exterior is stunning:

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  • The other-Carnegie link is going to the Dorman street post. So, I’m not sure if you’re talking about the former Carnegie library at the Hawthorne Community Center (scroll down on the page to see the building).

    I used to run a literacy program which provided tutoring services at Hawthorne, so I’ve got a soft-spot for the evolved use of that Carnegie building.

  • I just looked at that area on Google Street View, and noticed the old Library is on Mount Street. Looks great! However, I wasn’t specific in my post. The Spades Park Library is one of only 2 Carnegie Libraries that is still being used as a Library. The other library is here, on East Washington Street.

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