Just a Snapshot in Time

I’ve been thinking recently at our moment in time. Studies such as this about Antarctic Glaciers melting away can be quite alarming. However, I believe that we need to realize the only constant on our planet is change. Mankind will have to adapt, and I believe that we have the capacity to do so. After all, humans existed at a time when the ground underneath my feet was once underneath a thick sheet of ice. Long before that, this land was at the bottom of the ocean.

The continent we know as North America was once attached to Europe. The magnetic poles that we rely on heavily have flipped between the poles numerous times, and nothing is stopping them from flipping again. And, perhaps most alarmingly, billions of years from now, the sun will exhaust its energy, and the Earth may cease to be place to inhabit. So, even though I have dedicated this blog to a sustainable Indianapolis, I have to realize that the way things exist is really just a snapshot in time. Savor it.

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