The light is on at the White House

The President had this to say yesterday:

“Transportation is not just fixing our old transportation systems but its also imaging new transportation systems.

That’s why I’d like to see high speed rail where it can be constructed. That’s why I would like to invest in mass transit because potentially that’s energy efficient and I think people are alot more open now to thinking regionally in terms of how we plan our transportation infrastructure. The days where we’re just building sprawl forever, those days are over. I think that Republicans, Democrats, everybody recognizes that that’s not a smart way to build communities. So we should be using this money to help spur this kind of innovative thinking when it comes to transportation. That will make a big difference.”

It’s quite refreshing to hear candidness like this from the top level. Now is the time for action.

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  • Being from Chicago, I wonder if he’ll take interest in the HSR connecting chi-indy-cincy :)_:)

    that would be so sweet.

  • The HSR concept in the Midwest is actually farther along than in many other places. Personally, I would even be ok with merely adequate rail service.

  • I think Obama gets it, but the problem is that Congress isn’t exactly on board just yet…. hopefully soon.

  • HSR would largely be a one-way phenomenon as the world exists today.

    Those of us who live on a “Monon” HSR line (Lafayette, Indy, Cincinnati) could go to Chicago on the train and get around without a car…or fly somewhere from Midway or O’Hare without the need for connecting flights.

    However, can you imagine large numbers of people from Chicago traveling to Indianapolis or Cincinnati and making do without a car?

  • That’s a good point, Thunder. Yet another reason we need better transit/walk/bike infrastructure here.

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