St. Joseph and Old Northside

Last Friday, my friend from Veggie Indy and I went to tour the St. Joseph and Old Northside Neighborhoods.  He took some videos and we discussed a future video blog for this site.  For now, here are my pictures:

Alabama Street is famous for its row houses, which shows just how few row houses there are in Indianapolis.  It has only 2 proper historic row houses.
Row House Number 1:
Ya, it was this kind of day:
I’ve always loved this house:
Row House #2:
New condo construction:
The Ruschmann building:

Come back, Corner Coffee!
This building may be a row house; it follows along 11th street for a good half a block.

Former Corner Coffee building again:

Off to the Old Northside.  The Propyleum Building:

St. Seraphim must have been pretty tough.  He’s feeding a bear with his bare hands!
I love this porch.
My failed attempt to be artistic:
Across the street:
Finally, we headed to the beloved Rathskeller for some beer:

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