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A few tidbits:

  • There’s now a large sign for the Uptown Development at 50th and College. The sign features a rendering that is quite different for the one on the web page. The building looks to be a solid two-story structure. I still don’t know how I feel about this particular project. The sign also mentioning striving for LEED, which is interesting, because I’m not sure how “green” it is to take out 3 houses that were designed to last the ages. But, of course, I’m also pro-density and walkability. If this was a corner building at 49th and College that would remove the empty convenience store, I think you would see a full-throated endorsement.
  • In the Urban Times newsletter, the SEND headquarters has a grant to install a green roof on their headquarters.
  • Urbanophile digs up an oldie but a goodie. Back in 1997, I was a Junior in college and didn’t even think about this kind of stuff.
  • Worth Your Attention runs down some good places to shop local. Sadly, if you’re buying for a male, it’s not easy, at least in this city. What may be the best option for a male? A gift card from Goose, The Market.
  • I’m eating tonight at Restaurant Tallent in Bloomington, which features a good deal of locally sourced items. I’m pretty excited about this.
EDITED:  here’s the link to the project at 49th and College.

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  • Good to hear that the College/50th project is moving forward.

    I’m a little confused by your comment about the corner of 49th. Unless I’m not viewing the siteplan correctly, it seems to show the project spanning the whole westside of College from 49th to 50th. Does the rendering at the site show a smaller building that doesn’t go down to the corner of 49th?

  • Oh, it would span the whole block. I was just commenting that I would prefer if it was a smaller project.

  • I’m with Kevin. I wish the developer had just concentrated on putting an urban-appropriate building at the corner, and maybe also replacing the old Pure Oil station next door and the dilapidated commercial structures back to the alley west.

  • I think the development is great and the type of densification we need to see in the city. This replacement of single family homes with higher density structures, in select locations, is what is needed.

  • Ya, I can definitely see your point of view. I guess I have a strong preservationist streak in some cases. Plus, I have a history with these houses.

  • As a neighbor who drives by the corner everyday, I am excited and hopeful something will happen there.

    As for the three houses, it isn’t like there aren’t a dozen vacant rentals up and down College anytime of year. I’ve been in the southern most house of the three when it had people living in it. I venture to guess you would not want your kids to live in it.

    As for comments about the developer I have found him to be respectful and thoughtful in working with me and my neighbors. He’s excitable, there’s no question, and energetic of course. But don’t think it means he is trying to be some fast talker trying to pull something over.

    Show me another developer in town who has shown as much willingness to envision something really transformative while keeping a plan going and jumping through so many hoops.

    This is not about the developer, it’s about the community. 22 north side organizations have signed letters of support. My neighbors are pouring in time to making this a reality.

  • I’m not totally against this project either. I guarantee that if it went forward and some great businesses moved in there, that I would be very thankful for it.

  • I agree with Kevin that it’s too dense, too large in scale and not conforming with the neighborhod. As usual, what about parking. It will overflow onto the side streets, causing problems for area residents. I also found it interesting that the letters of support came from four blocks south. These people will not be affected by traffic or parking.

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