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A few links to start the week.

  • PBS has a great new series on infrastructure in America, starting with this video on exurbia vs. smart growth.
  • Thundermutt linked me to the latest info on the Food Co-op on the Near East Side.
  • I’ve already voted. Find out more about early voting on this page.

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  • I caught that PBS piece on Friday night while I was laying around sick. Great stuff.

    There was an interesting comment at the end by a USC transportation researcher saying that high-speed rail between LA and SF (public vote in CA in Nov) was a waste of money. He argued that inter-urban transport could be more efficiently implemented through subsidized air travel than subsidized train travel. Not sure where I would fall on that discussion, but it’s an interesting point.

  • Trains are much more energy efficient than airplanes. Also, I’m not sure what airplanes plan to run on if oil becomes scarce. Trains can be run on electricity, which can come from many different sources.

    The other advantage for trains is the location of the stations. When you arrive via train, you’re almost always in the center of the city. Airports are usually a good distance outside of the cities.

  • Fair enough. I just think it’s an interesting discussion.

  • I saw that mentioned about the airplanes too, and find that very hard to believe.

    Further I voted already too!

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