East Street and Lincoln

Finally! An intersection with 4 buildings that hug the corner.  This is on the Near South Side.

Northeast Corner:

Southeast Corner:
Southwest Corner:
Northwest Corner:

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  • Not far away is the "four corners" at State and Prospect.

    Much further away is the the fire station corner at Westfield & Guilford in Broad Ripple.

  • I believe State and Prospect has “3 out of 4”. But then, as Meatloaf said, that ain’t bad. Or something.

  • When I drove through last Thursday, I think all four were still standing.

    State still has a nice tree lawn, so there isn’t a “curb-sidewalk-building” edge on the State sides of the buildings, but all four are up against sidewalk.

    Shelby, Prospect and Virginia (Fountain Square) is a 5-corner, if you ignore the little sliver of parking north of Deano’s Vino.

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