Smart Growth Redevelopment Plan

I have obtained an exciting new plan (pdf warning) for redevelopment focused on the area near 22nd and the Monon. This plan, as you could guess, hits on all of the mantras of this blog: infill, green development, pedestrian-oriented, and transit-oriented. The plan also mentions the new Charter School at 22nd and Yandes, which is amazingly set to open in 3 weeks. This building was a mere shell when I posted about it back in late June.

There are a number of challenges with this area, including several toxic dumps, which is why this was put forth by the Brownfield Committee.

There is a meeting about this plan tomorrow at 3 pm at the Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful headquarters if you’re interested in attending.

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  • Looks very interesting. This is certainly a logical area for the city to focus its development efforts.

  • Chris Harrell, the Indianapolis Brownfields Coordinator, did an outstanding job on this report. Powerful vision. Potentially a nationally-significant test case for smart growth brownfield redevelopment. Highly recommended reading.

    Thrill here! Thrill now!

  • Cool…congrats on the NUVO article, btw.

  • Wow, I went through the Project School building back in April and haven’t been by to see it in person yet, but the progress shown on their website is amazing!

    I’ll have to go by soon.

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