Urban Indy devolves into a link-fest

A whole lotta interesting reads are floating around the internet(s) recently. It’s part of my job to share them with you.

  • Newsflash: Indianapolis has pretty dirty air. Judging by most of the comments on the article, most of us are saying “bring on the dirt!” It certainly makes the efforts of blogs like this one look futile.
  • Urban Times Newsletter tells us that Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful is set to open their new “green” headquarters on June 12. Exciting stuff for Fountain Square.
  • A very well-written post about Peak Oil survivalists, which pretty much explains how I had felt about the phenomenon. We all need to work together to achieve a sustainable society, we can’t run and hide.
  • The IBJ released a whole bunch of real-estate news, as well as the possible new location of foodie favorite L’explorateur.
  • April ridership on IndyGo was up 24.3 percent from last April. The Fishers express bus is seeing a ridership jump as well.

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  • LOL on the Peak Oil Survivalists, as if what they’re doing is something new.

    We used to call people like that “hillbillies”; more recently the PC term is “Appalachian-American”.

    My mother grew up on a small farm in Appalachia, where my ancestors going back 200 years practiced all those disciplines: thrift, conservation, stewardship, industry. They gardened and canned produce. They sold raw milk to a cheese factory. They raised cattle, hogs, and chickens. (They also had a gun rack in the front hall.)

    They were dirt-poor, but owned the land and had a reliable water supply…all we really “need” in life.

  • It’s unfortunate how much of our past that we have forgotten. I know that I’m pretty useless without access to a computer and internet connection. My post-oil skillz are heavily lacking. However, I think we’ll see more of an evolution than a crash as many fear. We’re already adjusting to higher gas prices. We have a long way to go yet, but I think we can get there.

  • That KIB article really makes me excited about living in Fountain Square.

    I’d love to see more development on Fletcher & Shelby.. It would really solidify FS even more as district.

  • Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. is excited to help lead the charge in this arena, and we’re VERY excited about our move to Fountain Square next month. Stay tuned…

  • I hope you worked out my problem with you know who magazine…

  • Hello.
    First time posting a comment on your lovely blog.
    Perhaps PO and oil prices shall force people back into the city?
    I’ve been doing some research and many suburbs in this country are suffering horribly while downtown markets are doing quiet well.
    Especially those with GOOD PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! ROFL

  • Thanks socrates#1fan, it’s good to see young people that seem to “get it” as far as urbanism goes.

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