Thinking outside the box

The Chicago-based Where blog has an interesting and provocative post up concerning the sustainability of cities. In it, he mentions a new project in Madrid called the Air Tree. This project has to be seen to believed.

This type of project can help give even hope to a long-term sustainability pessimist like yours truly. Humans are a clever creature indeed. We’re not going to go down without at least trying out some new ideas that give a nod to a changing planet and an energy crisis. Along with the carfree cities movement, I believe some radical notions may soon come to the forefront as we come to grips with our current unsustainable situation.

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  • High-level aesthetic thinking isn’t in abundance in Indianapolis. I can imagine the PDH response to this: “whut thuh hail izzat thang?”

    AFTER reading the explanation.

    One or two of these would be great in an expanded island within or around that parking lot at White River St. Park near the amphitheater, or in the transition plaza at the entrance to the Zoo and White River Gardens.

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