New Maxwell Project

The Maxwell project on East Ohio Street is a welcome departure from other recent downtown condos from Kosene & Kosene. First, it is mixed use, with the added bonus of a possible organic grocery store. Second, it’s affordable to young professionals. I’m guessing they’ll be snapped up at a faster rate than the higher-scale models. And finally, the design is similar to one you’d see in Chicago or New York. Are we starting to lose our fear of density?

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  • I have passed this project, but this is the most I have read about it. If you can, tell me where I can find more information. I think it’s “funny” that downtown investors keep building high-scale and hihg-economy condos that dont fill. I have to say that I agree with your hypothesis that the Maxwell will fill more quickly. (Oh, and add a little socio-economic diversity to downtown neighborhoods).

  • I found this info on the Property Lines Blog. I should have linked it in the original post. Here’s the link:

    And I agree that it is sad to see empty, expensive condos when there is a need to diversify incomes to attract a broader audience. But it seems like the market may slowly be shifting away from that. This project is a decent start.

  • This is a nice design and I am pleased that it looks vastly different to the project just completed “behind” it along New York.

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