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An assortment of things that I’ve found in the last few days:

Walk Score: Pictured above are two locations in western Washington. The purple lines display a mile walk from the red star. A picture tells a thousand words, they say. Find out how walkable your neighborhood is on this site.

: A group in San Francisco that builds temporary parks at metered parking spaces. This is also done in New York City. Civil disobedience has never been so fun.

Indiana Living Green: A new magazine dedicated to sustainability in Indiana.

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  • Walkscore.com is very cool! Too bad they don’t seem to know about O’Malias in downtown, which downgrades the walkscore of pretty much every location in downtown. They think the closest grocery store to my address is the offices for the Indiana Grocery and Convenience Store Association.

  • I agree. Their database needs some work. The Lo-Bill at 53rd and Keystone is listed twice in my neighborhood for some strange reason.
    I wish I could tweak it since GIS is what I do for a living :P.

  • I noticed that too about O’malias — but the concept of it is awesome!

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