The Benefit of High Gas Prices

There’s a noticeable bit of panic in this city when gas prices rise. Our lack of options is a serious handicap. I’ve been known to fret a time or twelve as well.

However, there are quite a few benefits. High gas prices may be the only way that people get serious about alternatives. First, our flatness could help Indianapolis could become a fine bicycling city. Our greenway system is fine as long as you’re near a river or the Monon, but with no real bike lanes anywhere in the city (yet) we have not tapped our true potential. Second, as highlighted by this article in the Star, people will start riding the bus more often.

IndyGo officials are hoping recent high gas prices will translate into more riders for the bus system in metro Indianapolis.

“Our calls at customer service have almost doubled in the last couple of weeks,” said Ronnetta Spalding, a spokeswoman for the transit service.

I’m very lucky as I live near a bus line that stops a block from work, so I’ll ride on days where I don’t really have any plans after work. If ridership goes up, then Indygo could possibly expand their service to places where a car is the only viable option.

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