Green Building on old MSA site?

This could be big. A forward-thinking group has put together a proposal for the former Market Square Arena site which includes a green roof. Add to this a Target (the only big-box store that doesn’t make me physically ill upon entering), and suddenly living downtown would have a big draw that many believe is lacking: household items. From the Star:

A Target department store and 200 condos could soon fill the gravel surface parking lot once home to Pacers basketball and the site of Elvis Presley’s last performance.

The proposal for the former site of Market Square Arena was one of only two offered today by developers to the city’s Metropolitan Development Commission.

Four local developers proposed the $150 million project with the department store, condos and an additional 55,000 square feet of retail space on the 4 acres, plus 2 additional acres across Washington Street.

Mansur Real Estate Services, Lauth Property Group, Hearthview Residential and Venture Real Estate Services, calling themselves MarketAbility Partners, told the Redevelopment Commission they hoped to break ground this fall and open three years later.

MarketAbility’s project would include a 14-story tower plus two mid-rises. In addition, the buildings were described as environmentally sensitive building, with a so-called “green roof.” Such buildings have roofs partially or entirely with vegetation and soil over a waterproofing membrane.

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  • I do like the Green roof element. I think it could easily incorporated into the other proposal though. Certainly, it is something the city should demand, on this project and future projects.

  • You are correct, and I’m sure you have more experience about these projects than I do. Thanks for your input.

    PS: I posted this article before the Star released the design for the other one.

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