The Goose Market

This sounds like a great new option for the neighborhood. Crazy to think that about 5 years ago this area was a no-man’s land. From The Dish:

To Market, To Market
One small step for foodies, one giant step for a downtown that cries out for good grocers: Look for The Goose—a locally owned specialty market with an on-site butcher and fishmonger, artisan breads and cheese, gelato, fancy coffees, and more—to nest sometime this summer at the business-hungry corner of 25th and Delaware. Owner Christopher Eley (who also bought the condo situated above the market’s future site) intends to buy produce from local vendors and growers, incorporating a Slow Food ethos into his products, says his marketing manager (and sister) Megan Eley. ETA is mid-July.

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  • The Goose is great. We’ve had multiple bottles of wine, some beef tenderloin, gelato, sandwiches, and everything has been fresh and fantastic. The fact that its mostly Indiana product and organic is even better.

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