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INDOT Rail Planning – Open House 6/2/11

Union Station in DT Indy (image source: Curt Ailes)

As part of what appears to be an outreach effort on the part of INDOT, they are planning 3 statewide open houses to gather public input and comment on the development of a statewide rail plan. The outreach at it’s core is serving as their commitment to soliciting feedback from the public on what we …

My experience with Italian HSR

ETR 500 high speed train at Venice Station (image source: me)

I met my wife in late 2006. We got to know each other quicky and before long, I had asked her to marry me. I met a woman who likes to travel. A LOT! So when it came to planning our wedding, travel was incorporated. Sure, people travel for their honeymoon, but for their wedding? Our …