A Proposal to Narrow Market Street

The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Committee has posted a proposal (page 133) to narrow a portion of Market Street right downtown. This narrowing will also extend over in front of the City County Building, taking out the un-urban car drop off point. This portion of Market Street is just outside of the IHPC Jurisdiction, and I currently don’t have any renderings of it. I’ve attached the IHPC’s segment here:



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  • This is awesome, but really, this segment (and Market in general) aren’t that terrible currently. The combination of the bricks and lack of pavement markings make folks in cars more cautious and slow already. Two-waying/road-dieting Penn and Delaware would help far more.

    On the other hand, shortening the crossings will go a long way to making a relatively friendly street even better. It can also be used as a template for other streets downtown.

  • Removing the automobile drop off at the City County Building is the real gem in this proposal. Wider sidewalks, benches and bike racks are icing on the cake.

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