The Purple Line: Indy Connect Wants Your Input!

Indy Connect will be hosting additional meetings regarding the Purple Line this month.  The line was first introduced to local residents during a series of open houses in May 2014.  Transit planners gathered initial input for the line and ideas focused specifically on route choice: 30th street, 38th street, or a combination of the two.  Other factors considered were whether the route should travel downtown, as well as, how to serve the Lawrence area.  As planners begin to hone in on a specific route and vehicle choice, they are now seeking feedback regarding station location.  There will be two public open houses and one webinar, giving ample opportunity for stakeholders to share their opinions.  The schedule for this next series of Purple Line Meetings can be seen below.


Wednesday, August 20th 

5:00pm – 6:30pm
Forest Manor Multi-Services Center
5603 E. 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218
IndyGo route 4 or 39

Thursday, August 21st 
12:00noon – 1:00pm
Online Webinar – Register HERE.

(Archived video will be available for viewing after the webinar)

Thursday, August 21st 
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Gambold Preparatory High School
3725 N Kiel Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46224
IndyGo route 38



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  • Do you know if these meetings are any different than the ones held in May? Has enough changed to make it worth attending?

    • The meetings in May specifically focused on their ideas for route options. Judging from their informational flyer and what is on the website, it appears they’ve narrowed down the options for the route and are now predominately seeking input on station locations.

  • Does anyone know why 30th Street is in the mix, 38th seems to have need.

    • Well the Federal Transit Administration requires alternatives of all sorts to be studied in order to qualify for federal grant money. Therefore, transit planners have to study alternative routes and alternative vehicle choices with the money they’re given from the FTA. From what I gathered, 30th street was the next logical alternative given the amount of businesses along that corridor. It’s probably pretty much unsaid that the route will be on 38th street, however, they have to follow protocol and investigate other options as well. My theory is, as I said in my previous article about this, is that the best option would be to use 38th street most of the way, but jog down to 30th street at Cold Springs Road to capture ridership from Marian University, and then back up Lafayette Road to continue along W. 38th street.


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