Neil Kelty Memorial Ride

Please join 200+ cyclists and I for the Neil Kelty Memorial Ride on Sunday, May 4th at 3 pm.  More information can be found on the link, but most importantly, Neil’s employer PERQ is donating 5$ to Neil’s foundation per rider that attends.  Also, they mention that it would be preferred if attendees can ride or carpool to PERQ, which acts as the starting point.  I can take up to 3 other people to PERQ with my bike rack attachment if anyone is interested.

Let’s use this tragic loss as opportunity to push for even better bicycle infrastructure in the city.   The Green Lanes project has been approved for Indianapolis, and now it is a matter of finding the best places in the city to add them.

I hope to see some Urban Indy followers at the event on Sunday, as we lend our support to the memory of Neil Kelty.

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  • Thanks for sharing this, Kevin. Some newer updates on the ride:

    I have prepped and painted the ghost bike, and will be installing early afternoon tomorrow. Please email me at brewerjonathane AT gmail DOT com if you would like to be there for the installation.

    Mayor Ballard will also be in attendance, along with Neil’s fiancee and his family from Ft Wayne.

  • I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all those who came out yesterday to remember Neil and his passions. It was extremely humbling to witness firsthand the strength of the cycling community in Indianapolis. Neil’s fiancee and parents were both looking forward to today and saw yesterday’s event as a positive closure to a tragic and painful week.

    A lot of people stopped to thank me this weekend, but it was a very coordinated effort with a lot of help from a lot of people. If I miss you, please let me know, as I don’t want your hard work and coordination to go un-noticed.

    – Sgt Kendale Adams (officer at the scene of the crash and instrumental in tapping the right people to make this happen)
    – Sgt Matthew Grimes, who coordinated IMPD day-of and led procession in the squad car)

    Pike Twp Fire Department
    – Mike Minichiello (fellow cyclist and Pike Twp FD employee, responsible for bringing the ladder truck and ambulance)

    Mayor Greg Ballard
    – Jamison Hutchins, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator at City of Indianapolis. Made the calls on super-short notice (aka Thu/Fri) to get the Mayor on board.

    – Kevin Whited, Executive Director and big supporter of the idea from day one.
    – Nate Surls, who played a HUGE roll setting up the Facebook page, the online registration, and countless other contributions

    PERQ Marketing
    – Muhammad Yasin, instrumental in setting up a warm welcome and opening their doors on a Sunday afternoon, including water and restroom facilities.
    – Neil’s former employer, donated the donor bike which became Neil’s ghost bike. Also brought a large group of employees that participated in the ride.

    Reddit (/r/bikeIN)
    – This is where it all started…a determined few of us refusing to let this get swept under the rug as soon as we heard the news last Thursday. Too many users to name, but you all know who you are.

    BGI North
    – Sold Neil his commuter and tuned up the Kelty family’s bikes at no charge without hesitation.

    WTHR/WISH/WRTV/FOX-59/Indy Star
    – The media coverage was incredible (top story on all the 6pm news casts) and very tasteful. Hopefully, this might bring a little more bike awareness to everyone in Central Indiana.

    Also, big thank you to CIBA, Nebo Ridge, and the countless other organizations and groups that came en masse to show support for a lost rider.

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