Hotel Broad Ripple

Construction has quietly been underway at Hotel Broad Ripple, which is located on Westfield Boulevard, and set to open by spring of 2014.  Exterior work appears to be mostly finished, as I was able to see on Friday:





This project is downscaled quite a bit from their original vision first put forth in 2010, although the final product does still seem attractive.  It will be nice to have an option for visitors to stay in the neighborhood without needing to hop in a cab or driving to another part of town, and I’m glad to see that it is a locally owned-business.

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  • Wow, this is great. I’ve been watching this development for months, love that they repurposed the original structures instead of building something ugly and generic.

    Interesting, unique, neighborhood-scale development that brings something new to the village. I’ll have to recommend this to my out of town coworkers.

  • Thanks for writing “Hotel Broad Ripple | Urban Indy”. I reallymay absolutely end up being back again for
    much more reading and writing comments soon. Thanks a lot, Dick

  • we will be visiting the area May 29 thru June 2. Will you be opened?

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