501 Virginia

Another week, another project proposal for the Virginia Avenue Corridor.  This one is from Von Deylen, who also were behind The Hinge (one of my favorite new buildings in the city).

Southwest or rear elevation
Northwest elevation against the parking garage
Southeast or side elevation
Virginia Avenue elevation or front

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Looks to be another solid addition. What do you think?

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  • Love it. Hopefully it will be able to balance out that monstrous parking garage next door. Exciting times for Virginia Ave – a true ongoing infill success story.

  • Are you able to label the elevations so we know what proposed sides of the building we’re looking at? Is the large concrete block wall separate from the building and there to block the parking garage to the north, or is that actually part of the facade? Is “cementitious boards” a trendier way of saying “fiber cement panels”? (spell check doesn’t even accept “cementitious”)

  • This is a nice transition from Villagio to the Milhaus development to its south.

    I’m surprised Paul didn’t catch the bank drive-through tucked underneath that requires cars using it to cross the Cultural Trail.

    The southwest-facing elevation appears to suggest that there will be lower-level parking that will take advantage of the grade difference to the rear alley. This would take some cars to/from the development via East instead of Virginia. A good thing.

  • Without touching on the design, does anyone else have the same concern about Blackline doing all of the apartment projects along Virginia Avenue? This is the fourth one (counting the planned project in Fountain Square). I’m not saying Blackline does bad work, I’m simply pointing out the fact that there is a certain look (massing, materials, patterning, etc) to these projects and I would prefer to see some more diversity in the architectural firms doing work along this corridor.

  • I just hope the ‘hood can support the amount of retail and restaurant space coming online. It was only a couple of years ago when we didn’t have any of these buildings that the Ft. Square restaurant churn was pretty constant.

  • Chris, I think I’m reading the plans correctly, but the entrance to the parking for the building will either be from the alley, or from Virginia (cutting across the Cultural Trail). It’s bad enough they are adding a cut across the Trail for cars to enter into the garage; I’m doubly concerned if they use the cut as an way to add a drive-thru………too much traffic across the trail.

    • That is how I read the plans also.

    • There is an existing curb cut in place for the business located on the site. I don’t believe a new cut will be added. The cut across Virginia will be for the top level of the parking deck and the drive-thru (an automated teller machine for a bank). Access from the alley will lead to the partially underground parking garage.

      Ideal? No. Worst? No. Indy? Yes.

  • What’s with all the curb cuts on the cultural trail?

  • I was at the Fletcher Place Neighborhood Association meeting where Craig first showed the sketches, so I’ll add some clarifications.

    First, the curb cuts are the same curb cuts that are currently in place. All the parking that is shown in the overhead view is only accessible from Virginia Ave. It will be all commercial parking, no residential, as far as I know.

    All residential will be accessed from East via either Warsaw (a small street perpendicular to East) and the alley that runs parallel to Virginia. The alley is about 10 feet lower than Virginia so there will be no need for a ramp. Residential parking will be underground though.

    I don’t believe there will be a bank drive through (although there will be parking for bank customers). There will however be a “walk-through” window for bikes and peds to bank without leaving the Cultural Trail. Pretty cool.

    The building will be creating an inner courtyard boxed by the development itself and the Villagio garage, so I think that is the big wall that is showing there.

    Personally, I love this building and am happy it will be in the neighborhood. However there have been some complaints, mostly involving possible parking issues. However, those same issues came up with the Hinge, Bluebeard, and the Mozzo and for the most part have failed to materialize. I have a feeling this development will be the same way.

  • Do you know if this project been filed for whatever approval with the City, and is there a hearing date? Just wondering if a person could look through all the docs in the City offices. I’m a little confused.

    Ahow said there’s to be a courtyard between the building and the Villagio garage, but it looks like the building would be right up to the garage. A 2-foot deep courtyard?

    I think as much of the traffic as possible needs to access the site from existing rights-of-way. I wonder why they wouldn’t shift the building south and extend Warsaw Street east to connect to Virginia.

    A drive through seems inappropriate here. Why wouldn’t a couple ATM-only (or 5-minute) parking spaces with a walk-up ATM suffice?

    • Hearing Examiner 10/24/13 for zoning

      • Hearing for rezoning? Or for RC approval?

        • They are planning on rezoning it CBD-S which means they have to build according to site specific plans which was different than the plan for the Shirley Engraving site across the street which could have had its use changed at any time (CBD-2). I’m not an expert on this but that is what I understood from discussion last night at the neighborhood meeting.

          501 is currently I6U (or something like that) which is industrial.

    • Agree with the drive thru. Seems like a poor design consideration. People will probably pile on about how we beat on car infrastructure here and this is another case where I will speak up again.

      If we keep on encouraging people to conduct business or provide destinations that cater to cars, how will we turn back the tide? People are demanding destinations that take into account bicycling and transit and the Virginia Ave corridor through here largely reflects that.

      However, adding a drive thru seems like a parting gut shot.

    • You can’t see it from these pictures, but the building will be an H shape and there will be an inside courtyard above the back half of the restaurant and in-line retail. At least that is what I understood from CvD’s presentation a couple of weeks ago.

      Seems like that drive-thru U-turn will require a three-point turn from some vehicles. Plus it is eating up probably 4-6 spaces. How about drive up spots where the tellers roll up on rollerskates? But seriously, no drive thru.

  • Great infill project. Hate to change the subject, but will somebody PLEASE propose an 8-10 story triangular building in front of the Villagio? Or better yet…tear the Villagio down? I vote this worst building dwntwn.

  • Can we please pull away from this monotonous architectural style? The infill part is exciting but the design is boring. And the design will be with us for decades! We need to push our developers to do more than the minimum.

  • I am a Fountain Square resident and a bike commuter. I already have enough issues with people blindly turning right over the Cultural Trail without looking to see if I’m there. I’m worried adding a drive-thru crossing the trail will make the trail dangerous to the point I’ll just go back to riding in the street. Who in the city do my concerns need to go to? I like all the infill going on, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of one of our cities best assets.

    • You need to go testify in front of the Hearing Examiner, apparently on Oct. 24th. These hearings are at 1 p.m. in the Public Assembly Room of the City County Building.

  • I don’t find this architecture boring. It just seems to fit…unlike the VILLAGIO: a lifeless monstrosity of cheap, suburban materials.

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