Friday Fun – Hidden Stop Sign

It’s Friday, which means it’s a good time for an amusing post based upon the built environment. This is a stop sign that is completely enveloped by a pine tree in my neighborhood. It sits at the end of a driveway that services 2 houses, so the stop is already implied. Many of the small (former?) street stubs near the Monon trail are public right-of-ways, so that is the reason that there is a stop sign in the first place.

stop sign

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  • Here’s a look at the sign from behind it, for those curious.

  • Funny, but it’s really sad how little maintenance the City does on keeping such signs hidden. If you done much driving throughout Indy, surely you’ve run across similar situations on through streets where you either have, or almost, run a stop sign because it’s so obscured. Unfortunately, this is probably one of the reasons DPW generally objects to trees in the right-of-way, and even just the presence of a tree lawns (aka plowed snow storage reservoirs are), because they supposedly don’t have the funding to perform any maintenance activities.

  • Sorry for the grammatical errors.

  • Oh my! That is possibly the most hidden stop sign I have ever seen. Well done, you overachieving pine tree, you.

  • That’s a spruce…not a pine.

  • DYK….
    The City is in the process of populating a database of all public road signs including location, location from curb, height, condition, etc. through a federal grant? Currently, they don’t have a good idea what signs they have, how old they are, or where there are problems unless someone complains or it happens to be seen by someone who can do something about it. The new database should be searchable, retrievable, and prioritized for replacement. Hopefully easily or automatically update-able as well…

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