Public Hearing for proposed IndyGo service Increase – 11/7

IndyGo route 17 on Mass Ave (image credit: Curt Ailes)
IndyGo route 17 on Mass Ave (image credit: Curt Ailes)

We received a press release from IndyGo with some additional details regarding the proposed increases in service and modifications to existing services.

INDIANAPOLIS, IND (October 30, 2012) – On October 15, 2012, the Indianapolis City-County Council approved the proposed 2013 IndyGo budget which includes additional operating revenue for service enhancements. Changes to IndyGo service could include more frequent and added service, the addition of a new route and more direct routing.

 “We applaud the council for their support of IndyGo,” says Mike Terry, president and CEO of IndyGo. “With the increased funds for operating, IndyGo will be able to improve service for existing riders, add service to help support the growing demand for transit and attract new customers.” 

 Improvements to the IndyGo system, guided by the Indy Connect bus plan, will be phased in during 2013, with improvements rolling out as soon as February. Key elements of the bus plan include building up the transit network around heavily travelled corridors, route alignments for efficiency and directness, and adding some routes for better cross-town travel. The approved 2013 budget will implement early stages of the long-term plan.

 “These additional operating funds will allow us to begin growing our mass transit system,” explains Samantha Cross, vice president of IndyGo’s business development division. “We’re adding much needed capacity to our core routes while making other changes that will result in better service for our customers. Adding frequency to major corridors presents the opportunity to realize operational efficiencies, making faster and more direct service on some supporting routes.”

 The proposed service changes will be explained at public hearings on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at the Indiana History Center at 12 p.m. and again at 5:30 p.m. The Indiana History Center is conveniently located downtown at 450 West Ohio Street, accessible via most IndyGo routes.

Proposed service changes for 2013 could include:

·         Route 5: Service to Elmira Street will be eliminated. All westbound trips would terminate at 36th Street and Totem Lane.

·         Route 8: Doubling frequency weekdays (from every 30 minutes to every 15 minutes), early morning through early evening between the Indianapolis Zoo and German Church Road.

·         Route 10: Improving frequency weekdays (from every 30 minutes to every 20 minutes), early morning through early evening between the near west side and German Church Road.

·         Route 11: Service to 33rd and Post (Crossroads) will be eliminated. Service rerouted at 16th Street and Arlington Avenue to travel on 16th Street beyond Arlington Avenue to Shadeland Avenue. All trips will terminate at Western Select.

·         Routes 12 and 13: Most trips will terminate at Keystone and National Avenues.

·         Route 14: Service will be extended to Emerson Avenue at Interstate 465. Southeastern Avenue/Ritter Avenue/Raymond Street loop would be eliminated.

·         Route 19: Doubling frequency weekdays (from every 60 minutes to every 30 minutes), early morning through early evening. Service on 96th Street will be eliminated. Inbound service will be rerouted from Washington Boulevard to Central Avenue.

·         Route 21: Service to Mitthoefer Road at 30th Street will be eliminated. Trips could be added to at Washington Street and German Church Road.

·         Route 28: Evening and weekend service to the Pyramids and Westlane Road at Michigan Road will be eliminated. All trips would end at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital.

·         Route 30: Arlington Avenue service will be eliminated. All trips will travel on Shadeland Avenue.

·         Route 31: Addition of a late night outbound trip to Greenwood Park Mall.

·         Route 34: Service to 9900 N. Michigan Road (ITT) will be eliminated with all trips terminating at St. Vincent Hospital.

·         Route 34: Addition of Sunday service and late night trips on weekdays and Saturdays.

·         Route 39: Improving frequency weekdays (from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes), early morning through early evening.

·         Route 86: Addition of one new route, 86th Street Crosstown, with service between Trader’s Point and Community Hospital North. 30 minute frequency. Would connect with routes 4, 18, 19, 26, 28, 37, 34..

·         Route 87: Doubling frequency weekdays (from every 60 minutes to every 30 minutes), early morning through early evening.

 For more information or to provide public comment prior to this hearing, visit or call 317-635-3344.

The proposed service increases look meager at first glance. Only five existing routes are slated for increased frequency. Another will receive an additional day of service. However, the addition of a north-side crosstown line providing service to the many commercial activity centers along 82nd & 86th street will be very welcome. Currently, there is not a north side crosstown line, forcing riders to travel all the way downtown for a transfer.

Furthermore, and perhaps the most significant take away from the proposed operating plan, is the improved frequency. While none of the lines receiving frequency increases will represent a true rapid service, providing double the perceived service will be a welcome addition for current riders. Indeed, the 8, 10 & 39 are already highly boarded lines so the added frequency targets areas which already show a propensity to induce ridership. The remaining lines are not as highly frequented, however this proactive step shows that IndyGo is looking to expand it’s ridership rather than simply offer more low frequency coverage elsewhere.

While it would be nice to have seen more lines with increased frequency (where are bumps for the 17?), this is a modest step forward for IndyGo. We encourage those with the means to attend the public hearing to learn more about what the service changes will mean for you.

Comments 7

  • Just glad to see the East side being frequented more often.

  • Is anyone aware if they are taking public input or not? As you mentioned in the article, the 17 needs expanded. If IndyGo wanted to show people how convenient riding a bus can be, there’d be no better route to display it on. As a downtown resident that takes the 17 to Broad Ripple somewhat frequently, but stays out past midnight occasionally, it’d be great to save the $20 cab fare.

    • I assume that since it is a public hearing, they will accept all input. I do not know if they will take it into consideration and make any sorts of changes or not, but the more they hear, the better the odds of making a change will be.

  • The change I would most like to see is extended hours. It is ridiculous that some routes don’t even start running until after 7:30 am in the morning (particularly the one I need to to take to reach work in the morning). And it is nearly impossible to travel by bus past 8 in the evening from most points in the city.

    Improved mass transit is, in my opinion, the single most important issue for this city to address if it truly desires to be taken seriously as a place that people and business want to be in.

  • I agree that these increases are just a drop in the bucket, but it beats a sharp stick in the eye (as my dad would say). Actually, it’s probably way better than a sharp stick in the eye. I really like the addition of the 86th Street route. I hope it’s successful, but I also hope they have patience and realize that it takes time to build ridership where there hasn’t been any service for years.

  • Is there any talk about adding a route to 62nd St, between Georgetown and Zionsville Road?? I live in a housing addition off 62nd and Moller and have to walk to Georgetown to catch the bus.

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