The Big Transit Event – Irvington – Tuesday October 23rd

We received this in the mail late last week, so apologize for the late notice. There will be a community transit event in Irvington per the details below.

The Big Transit Event

WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 23, 6 p.m.

WHERE: 5515 E Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219 (3rd Floor of the Lodge building)

COST: Free!/events/263141137140905/


This month the Irvington Green Initiative will continue our effort to provide a forum for everything ‘Green’ by teaming with the Indiana Citizens’ Alliance for Transit to talk about … Transit.

Join the discussion of costs, benefits, logistics, timeline, policy and politics. What’s your view of mass transit? Do we need it? How should it be funded? How will it impact our neighborhood and businesses? Will it raise your taxes? Want to know more about the issue and how it’s playing out in our State and Federal Governments? Then don’t miss the Big Transit Event at the October Green Hour.

Here’s the format:


  • Experts from the fields of architecture and urban planning, public health and public policy, land use and environmental policy will have 5 minutes to talk about Transit through the lens of their expertise.
  • Local, State and Federal Officials and Candidates will be invited to take 2 minutes each to share their thoughts on the issues.
  • Then you’ll get to ask your burning questions. What do you want to know?


Join us, bring a friend and help us celebrate sustainability in businesses, congregations, neighborhoods, homes and lives.

Local and Social; an hour of Green with Friends and Neighbors.

Brought to you by Spotts Garden Service,  Indiana Citizens’ Alliance for Transit, Hoosier Environmental Council,  Irvington Development Organization and the Irvington Green Initiative.

When: 6-8pm Tuesday, October 23rd

Where: 5515 E Washington Street, Indianapolis 46219 (The Lodge Building, 3rd Floor)

Cost: NONE … it’s Free!

RSVP/Find more info: on Facebook or Google+

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  • Three candidates for State Senate (from two different districts that cover part of Irvington) each committed to vote for the LOCAL CONTROL proposal that would allow county-by-county referenda to support increased public transit funding.
    Most notable was the support of a long-term sitting Senator, Pat Miller.

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