Cataracts 2012

The weekend of August 17-19 was a great one for this Capital City, as documented in the IndyStar.  There were a lot of options available and I hope everyone here took advantage of some.  The Cataracts 2012 music festival was my event of choice, and I’m quite happy I attended.  The music was great, the people were friendly, and the weather was unbelievable.  NUVO wrote an article on the event, or you can get a feel for the experience by watching this:

It was just a lot of fun, as you can see in that video.  I don’t have the equipment to capture such music, but hopefully you get a sense of the dynamic energy that these bands can bring.  Here are some more shots from the music fest Friday and Saturday.

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  • I wonder if there’s a local place that specializes in that “Midwest alright” tattoo…either that or I’ve seen the back of that particular arm before.

  • It was a blast of an event. The nearby liquor store on Virginia Avenue had lines out the door all day and night — so it sure had a positive economic impact for the neighborhood — at least for that busines. Thanks for the photos — I even made it into one of them!!

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