Urban Indy Turns 5

Today marks the five year anniversary of the day that I founded the blog.  Some blogs start with a fully formed sense of purpose and clearly stated goals.  Well, this isn’t one of those blogs.  Regardless of this inauspicious beginning, I hope the past five years of reading this blog have been as fun to follow as it was to create.  I’ve met some great like-minded people, and even had some good discussions with some not-so-like-minded people.

I continue to think this city is getting better by the day.  I’m happy to be a tiny part of the culture that strives to make Indianapolis a better place to live.  Special thanks goes to my wife and all of the other bloggers at Urban Indy, without whom this blog might not have made the 5-year anniversary.

Urban Indy bloggers will be meeting tonight to celebrate the occasion at the “Ann, Dancing” sculpture at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Vermont Street at 7:30.  We’re meeting there, in part because the Cultural Trail is amazing, but also because the 6th post on this site happened to be about the start of construction of the trail.  Join us, as I’m sure there will be a beverage or 2 consumed afterwards.

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