Indy’s next ‘Champion’

If you go to the polls tomorrow, please remember what our task is as a community. If I can stress only one point, it is that voting simply by bracketed letter, “(R) or (D)” for example, or voting based on party color can have extremely negative impacts. I have long said that local elections can mean more to a community than any national election. It is at the individual community level where change can happen quickly and drastically. As a nation, your voice is one of hundreds of millions, but as a city your voice is a much larger representation. Cities often exist as a cluster of similar ideals. People may vary at times and there may always be a dicatomy of Urban and Suburban, but we all want healthy communities, strong schools, opportunities for recreation and health. If you go to the polls and vote, vote for the candidate you believe will be the next champion for Indianapolis.


This is not my attempt to sway towards any one candidate nor am I trying to force you to vote. This is simply a call for those involved to vote for more than a party letter.

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  • Dont forget that if you do not know where you are voting, check this website out. I know my traditional location is under construction and has been moved.
    Make sure you know where you are voting!

  • People that vote Party Lines are the people that lack a brain and an education.

    • Evan,

      I don’t think that is the approach to take. I know several people who are highly educated and clearly have a brain. The issue is medias role in politics. It is displayed as a competition between the two major parties for office when the real competition is who is best for the future of the city…or whatever is up for vote. We almost demand that the candidates fight eachother isntead of promoting the office or the city.

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