MDC and IHPC Quick Hits – 11/1/11

Here’s what I’ve come across in Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) and Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) filings as of 11/1/11 (click links to read staff reports on these cases):

1. MDC 11/2/11: A plan by Milhaus Development for apartments on the west side of the Monon Trail between 20th and 21st is being continued all the way to an MDC hearing on February 15, 2012. The staff report notes that this continuation is “to allow time to revisit the proposed site design, and to engage interested parties in ongoing discussion.”

2. IHPC 11/2/11: The petitioner wants to open up a pair of blank brick walls on the ground floor of this building at Pennsylvania and Maryland. The Maryland frontage will be reconfigured with roll-up doors for a restaurant, presumably with sidewalk seating.

An image of the Maryland frontage, showing the walls to be opened up for a new restaurant.

Yesterday I observed an orange liquor license sign in southern-most window on the Pennsylvania side of this building, so the petitioners may be trying to move quickly to get the new restaurant in place in time for the Super Bowl in February. UPDATE: IBJ reported in September that this restaurant will be the chain ‘Tin Roof’ and they plan to open by the end of this year.

After design negotiations with IHPC staff, this is what the new doors on the Maryland frontage will look like.

3. IHPC 11/2/11: The previously reported gas station proposal for the corner of 16th and Central is up for vote again. All surrounding neighborhood associations have letters included stating their official opposition.

4. Board of Zoning Appeals 11/1/11: The developer for Newport on the Monon — the apartment project proposed for the east side of the Monon Trail between 19th and 20th — is requesting a variance to “provide for a major livability space ratio of 0.07 (0.11 required).” Staff recommends approval. The following elevations were included in the staff report and a siteplan is available here (item 4).

The east and south elevations for Newport on the Monon.

Note: “MDC and IHPC Quick Hits” is not comprehensive coverage of all cases before the Metropolitan Development Commission and Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission. If we missed a noteworthy case in a recent filing, let everybody know in the comments section.

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  • Hopefully Milhaus reconsiders the roof line at least for their development. The restaurant for Penn and MAryland is ‘Tin Roof’. I believe IBJ reported on their arrival some time ago. It is a live music restaurant/bar venue. I was thinking county themed, but hopefully I’m wrong…….no offense. A continued NO to the gas station. Newport looks interesting…..I guess and hopefully Milhaus will look at this and urban-ify their design a bit, but we are only provided the East elevation………I wonder how it addresses the Monon to the West?

  • Thanks Joe. I had forgotten that IBJ reported on ‘Tin Roof’. I’ve added that to the post.
    The west (Monon) elevation of Newport is actually included in the staff report (last pg). It isn’t dramatically different than the other elevations so I didn’t include it here.

    • I see it now, for some reason I could not open the link earlier….perhaps because the computer knew I should be working instead?

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