MDC and IHPC Quick Hits – 9/7/11

In the past, I’ve dabbled in attempting to comprehensively cover the City regulatory approval process for new projects. Unfortunately that’s proved to be an impossibly large job. Instead, whenever I come across things in regulatory filings that interest me, I’m going to post just a little bit of info in this “Quick Hits” post with links to staff reports so you can read more if you’re interested. Here’s what I’ve found as of 9/7/11:

1. MDC 9/7/11 – IU Health approval for new signs at Methodist Hospital. This one is pretty comical — if you’ve been around Methodist (or any other IU Health hospital) in the last six months, you know that they long ago installed new signage for their rebranding from “Clarian Health” to “IU Health.” The City is finally giving them official blessing for the signage.

2. Board of Zoning Appeals 9/6/11 – Garuda Restaurant (5170 N College) is applying for an outdoor seating area on 52nd St. Staff recommends denial, though the issue appears to be the size of the seating area. If they reduce the size, staff would recommend approval.

The proposed outdoor seating area for Garuda Restaurant.

3. Board of Zoning Appeals 9/6/11 – Jack in the Box (1521 N Meridian) wants to build a new restaurant with a drive-through (not permitted on this stretch of N Meridian). The case has been continued to the next hearing.

4. IHPC 9/7/11 – gas stations are proposed for 16th/Central and 10th/DMLK. More info (and a lively comments discussion) in a previous Urban Indy post.

5. IHPC 9/7/11 – Grace Missionary Baptist Church (1501 N College) wants to build a parking lot in The Old Northside. The history of this parking proposal is epic and goes back 15 years. Read the previous staff report from June to catch up on all the details. The current case is trying to find a balance between the neighborhood’s desire for primarily residential uses of land with the church’s need for parking space. IHPC staff provides some creative land-use proposals.

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