100 Years, 100 Parks

My wife has embarked on the 100 years, 100 parks challenge, which is a similar to a city-wide scavenger hunt.  The great thing about this challenge is it enables us to travel to areas of the city which we are unfamiliar with.  Last night, we had to answer a question at Clayton & LaSalle Park, located in the Twin Aire neighborhood (props to the naplab map displayed on my office wall).  Neither of us had even heard of this park, so we were taken aback by the fact that it was quite popular.  I’m guessing there were around 100 people in this small park located on 2 neighborhood streets:

The park was popular largely due to its water sprayground, made possible due to a donation from United Water.   For photographs and background about this park, see this album located on the Indianapolis Star’s website.

It’s not uncommon for many people living in the city to be without air conditioning.  It’s also not uncommon for people to have little means for entertainment or extraneous expenditure.  So a trip to a public park is more than just a bit of needed greenspace, it’s a respite from the heat and a chance to interact with others in the neighborhood.

It has been heartening to see so much recent investment in the city’s parks, as they can often be the lifeblood of a community.   Are you taking the 100 years challenge?  If not, what little-known park do you love?

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