Stolen Artwork Alert in DT Indy

"Jazz Musicians"
"Jazz Musicians"

I received this email from my wife who had it forwarded to her yesterday. I felt that it was my responsibility to spread the word about a piece of our public spaces being disturbed. See details below on a piece of public artwork that was stolen. If anyone has any information, see contact information below.


I am the Detective/Sergeant for Downtown District IMPD. On May 13th, 2011 Sexton Companies reported that an art piece commissioned by them had one part of it stolen. This is believed to have occurred on May 11th or 12th. This art piece is Untitled but is called Jazz Musicians. The artist was John Spaulding. This piece sits at the corner of West Street and Indiana Ave. The Saxophone player (not pictured) was broken off at the knees and stolen. We have checked scrapyards in the Metro area and this piece has not been sold that we can determine.

I would like for word to get out to the art community, so that if it was taken for later sale, word might get out. Any information please contact me at Downtown District IMPD. I have enclosed the only picture I have at the moment. The saxophone player is not visible in the photograph but is similar to the other pieces. The pieces are approximately 8 feet tall so it is believed that the stolen piece would be around five to six feet tall if intact.

Thank you,
Detective/Sergeant Dennis McAtee
Downtown District IMPD
39 W Jackson Place suite 500
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

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